CRM systems have actually been around for some years now, but until fairly recently they were only really available to very large companies or those with lots of money behind them. Thankfully, CRM system designers recognised the fact that these systems would actually be really beneficial to businesses of all sizes, and so came up with packages for everyone. These days, there is a CRM system available for every business and they have varying degrees of bells and whistles. However, below is a list of the top 5 must-have features of a CRM system that everyone should be looking for.

  1. A good CRM system should streamline the sales processes via sales force automation. This means that every member of the sales team is able to use the database to manage their client lists, receive up to date information on their accounts, make a note of leads, etc. Managers and directors are also able to find an accurate picture of what is happening within the company. They are also able to generate forecasts that are accurate and timely and manage overall and individual performance levels.

  2. No matter how small a business is, it will have some form of customer service ‘centre’. Now, this may actually only comprise of two members of staff, but they still need to know what the other one has done and said to the clients to ensure that they provide the best level of service. A good CRM system enables all employees to see the history of the client, and so ensure that they are able to serve them better. It will also automate a lot of tasks and can be set up to remind employees to do things that they promised to the clients.

  3. Marketing is a vital part of any business especially during these difficult times. Having successful marketing strategies means that you target the right people and obtain a good sale conversion rate. A CRM system can help you to achieve this by identifying product users and clients that would benefit from the promotion that you are planning. This saves your company money and time and ensures that your relevant clients know about the great offers you have.

  4. Reports are important to every business, but often people find that creating them and then analysing them is beyond them, because they just don’t have the time to wade through huge amounts of data. A CRM system can be set to create a large number of reports that include the data and information that you decide. This means that you will be able to find the relevant information in a matter of minutes, which makes your company much more efficient.

  5. As much as different departments may seem to work separately, they actually rely on each other a lot more than they think. CRM systems encourage these departments to share information, and this in turn helps people to realise how much impact they each have on each other, and how they can all work smarter together.