Christmas 2012 is quickly approaching.  And whether your college student is heading to college for the first time or a returning grad student, you can make sure they get the most out of their educations (and your dollars!) by buying them these gifts.  


Number 5:

Smartphones for Smart Students

Sony xperia smartphone for college studentsCredit:

There's been plenty of discussion over whether Apple products really are better, and the conclusion is that it doesn't really matter which brand you go with.  Not all phones are created equal, and be sure you check the plan's details, too.  

I won't be picking sides on the Apple vs. Android debate today (I'll do that in another post- I've had both operating systems and enjoyed them both).

iPhone 5 comparison(112681)Credit: Apple, Inc

What's important is that your student can get in touch with you whenever and wherever they may be (it is college, after all!!)  Here are the top tips when choosing a smartphone:

  • Long battery life
  • Lots of minutes (unlimited is best)
  • Tons of data
  • WiFi calling/data usage - both iOS and Android can utilize this, but not all phones have this feature. This can help save minutes and/or data if you're not on an unlimited plan
  • GPS features can help your little genius find their way to the job interview
  • For those needing the fastest connections, phones that operate on the LTE network will far outperform even the fastest 4G phones. This is great for students who use their phones to perform research on the go.

Number 4:

iPad Mini

The new iPad Mini with Retina display probably deserves a higher spot on the list, but this list isn't ranked, it's just a list.  So place it where you may.

iPad Christmas 2012 for College StudentsCredit: Apple, Inc

Educational centers around the world are adopting Apple's iBooks textbooks program, meaning your student can now access their textbooks through their iPad MIni and other iOS devices.  It has blazing fast 4G/LTE connection speeds and can sync wirelessly with all other iOS devices, keeping everything up to date seamlessly.  And with more than 250,000 apps available from the App Store to help your student manage all the details of dorm life, the iPad Mini is high atop nearly every college student's Christmas wish list for 2012.

Number 3:

Hulu Subscription

Haven't heard about Hulu?  I bet your college student has.  It's like Netflix, only better.  

Hulu (and Hulu Plus) boast more than 4000 of the latest TV shows and movies available for instant viewing t, and adding more all the time.  For $7.99 a month and unlimited streaming, Hulu is the best entertainment package for your college student to unwind after a long week of studying.


Numer 2:

Bored? Not with these board games.

Settlers of Catan College Student Christmas Gift 2012Credit: Amazon, Inc.

Sometimes you have to unplug from all your digital devices in order to actually connect with the people around you.  With board games like Apples to Apples, Taboo, Settlers of Catan, and Scattergories, you can help your college student reconnect with the people closest to him this Christmas.  These popular games are wildly entertaining, and can accommodate large groups of players for hours of fun.  

This game happens to be one of the most popular games ever for college kids.

Number 1:

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig Coffee Maker College Student Christmas 2012Credit: Amazon, Inc.

Coffee is one of the most expensive portions of many college students' budgets.  Help them save money while getting the boost they need with the most popular coffee maker of all time.  Keurig Coffee Makers make just one cup at a time, and there aren't any special brewing instructions or know-how required to make a great cup of coffee.  Just pop in a K-Cup and that's it.  They get a fresh cup of deliciously roasted coffee every time.  And with thousands of flavors to choose from including teas and hot chocolates, there's something for everyone.

You can't study when you're asleep!

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System
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