Tailgating Season is Here

People tailgate for all sorts of reasons, but the greatest of these is to enjoy a pre-game routine at a big ballgame. If you are getting set for a tailgate you will want to make sure you include these top 5 must have items for tailgates.

Don't be caught without the essentials. Tailgating is a great pastime and a tremendous way to spend time with family and friends before rooting on your favorite team. Bringing the right supplies will make it even better.

Are you looking for gift ideas for your tailgating loved one? These items will be sure to please.

Portable Grill

Tailgating means food, and the best tailgating food is grilled. Whether it is a burger, brat, kabobs, or veggies, a grill is the centerpiece of any tailgating party.

You can bring a gas or charcoal grill, but there are certain advantages to a gas version. First, the portable gas grill is easy to break down and put back in the car when it is time to head off to the game. Second, it will cool down quicker than a charcoal grill, meaning you won't have to leave it out while you are away.

Portable Table

A table made for tailgating is a must. You will always need some space for veggie trays, chips, condiments, or the bottle of liquor, and a portable table is just the thing.

The advantage of a folding tailgate table is that it folds down into a small size so it's easy to pack and fits right in the trunk, but when expanded it will offer plenty of counter space that you need to serve you and your tailgating guests.


You just can't beat a high quality cooler, especially when you are in for a several hour tailgate in the warm sun. Nobody wants a luke warm beer, so having a good cooler is a must.

In addition to a cooler that works really well to keep things cool, getting a strong cooler that can double as a seat is also a great idea. Go for quality on your cooler. Your refreshments will appreciate it, and you will have less water to pull items out of later in the day since it will keep the ice better.

Portable Music Player Dock

Tailgating is more fun with music, so invest in a quality music player docking station so that you can pump out the tunes in style.

Since you are outside, you will want a music player dock that is portable but one that puts out great sound so it is not lost in the great outdoors. A plug for your car's power port is a great idea, but a battery operated unit will be even more versatile. Just use rechargeable batteries so you won't run through a load of them.

While you're at it, download your school's favorite theme songs or school songs to add to the school spirit before the game.

School Flag

Other than painting your face, there is little that will add to the environment of your tailgate more than a school flag flying proudly above you.

Pick up a retractable flag pole that you can expand and attach to your vehicle or insert in a base to fly your flag. The view of your team's logo and colors waving in the air will make everyone around want to cheer just a little louder.

The Bases Are Covered

Now that you have a grill to make a meal, a table to serve goodies, a cooler to keep things cool, a music player to play some tunes, and a flag to add atmosphere, you have all the bases covered.

Add great food, drink, and friends to these 5 must have tailgating items and you are ready for a great day.