My Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks Today

1. Arron Rodgers- There is no question right now. He is the most consistent right now. Arron Rodgers is having a record breaking season. He is on pace to break all of the major records including the most passing yards in a single season. Aaron Rodgers perfects in throwing the back shoulder pass. In my opinion he throws this pass better than anyone in history. Right now in my opinion is on his way to becoming the best NFL Quarterback ever. He is the smartest Quarterback i have seen. When it is 3rd and 10 he always does the right thing whether it is throwing a amazing pass to tucking and running for the first down.

2. Ben Roethlisberger- Ben is having a break out season. He has overcome injury over injury this season. He recently found out he has a slight fractur in his thumb, luckily the Steelers are on there bye week so he will have time to heal up and be ready for the next game on 11/27/11. Big Ben is one of the most powerful Quarterbacks around, sometimes it takes three guys to take him down. When you think you have him you really don't. Ben can also scramble in the pocket, and is slowly becoming one of the more consistent Qb's in the NFL. Big Ben also likes to share the love often hitting over nine of his recievers with passes. This is why he has almost the best vision in the NFL.

3. Drew Brees- I personally do not have that much love towards Drew Brees, but this year he is playing top caliber quarterback. He is on the way to leading his team back to the Super Bowl if he can take down the Packers. Although his defense often doesn't help him out, Drew does not need the help. The Saint's offense put up huge numbers everygame. With the rising star Jimmy Graham, Drew seems to have a new weapon every week.

4-Tom Brady- Although he is having a bad year so far, Tom Brady will turn it around before playoff time, that is just what he does. Tom does not have the recieving core that he has had in the past. Such as none of his wide recievers are taller than 6"1 that being Chad Ochocinco. One thing Tom has in his favor are his outstanding tight ends. Gronkowski and Hernandes are rising stars in the NFL, and often Tom's favorite targets. Tom probably has the best vision in the NFL he hits all of his wide recievers no matter who it is.

5-Peyton Manning- Some of you are going to be like how can you say that? Easily, his team has 0 wins without him. Did you know Peyton Manning never had less than 10 wins in any season since he has become the Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback. Peyton has the best awareness the game has ever seen. Sometimes he goes to the line and calls 4 audibles. Although Peyton is not an explosive QB that likes to throw deep, he throws the short 5-15 yarders and gets the work done. So even though Peyton Manning is not playing this year he is still an elite team just look at what happened to his teams record.


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