Top 5 Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish

Deciding upon what kind of salt water aquarium fish that you wish to purchase can be quite a difficult task. There are many different types, as well as many different species within each type. Nano salt water aquarium fish can be a great choice when it comes down to filling up the tank that may be at your house or workplace; they are quite small, and definitely a joy to watch. With so many different species within this type, it may still be rather difficult to decide upon which ones that you would like to purchase. However, this article lists the top 5 nano salt water aquarium fish; all of these species are relatively inexpensive, and will provide you with joy upon watching them go about with their activities in the tank!

Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Black And White Ocellaris Clownfish $44.99

This species definitely serves as one of the most beautiful that is featured in this article. Many of the other nano salt water aquarium fish that are available have extremely complex designs and patterns throughout their body that allow them to be attractive; however, this species has the most basic pattern and design that is possible. It is simply divided by thick black and white stripes throughout the length of its body, along with a touch of orange on its head. Its simplicity is exactly what makes it so attractive!

Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Catalina Goby $26.99

Gobies are definitely at the top of the majority of people's lists when it comes to their preferred nano salt water aquarium fish; they are unique looking, and absolutely gorgeous at the same time. The Catalina Goby in specific is filled with vibrant blues, and reddish-oranges; the unique looking under bite of its jaw simply serves as icing on the cake for this species. Its peaceful personality allows it to greatly get along with the majority of other species that may be featured in the same tank.

Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Green Clown Goby $4.99

The amazing thing about the variety of clown gobies is that each different colored globy has a unique twist on its body shape. They all have the same overall body shape, but each varying color has a small difference! The reason that the green clown goby is featured in this article as one of the top nano salt water aquarium fish is because it has the most unique set of colors, and its body varies the most from the base clown goby body. Its mix of green, orange, and yellow allow it to give off a tropical mood to any tank; moreover, these colors are all bright and positive, which allows for fun and excitement when watching it!

Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Hector's Goby $19.99

This species definitely takes home the award for the weirdest looking nano salt water aquarium fish that is featured in this article. It has a very long and thing black body with thin yellow stripes that run along the length of its body. Although it has a weirdly shaped and colored body, it still attracts just as many stares as any of the other species that are featured in this article. This is mainly because it has a peaceful, yet strong personality. This species can commonly be found swimming around the tank peacefully, but claiming many of the objects as his own!

Nano Salt Water Aquarium Fish-Jawfish Yellowhead $26.99

This species is definitely the most vibrant out of all of the nano salt water aquarium fish that are shown throughout the entirety of this article. It has a long light blue body, and a yellow shade at the edge of its head. As its name suggests, it is the species' yellow head that allows it to be distinguished from the rest of the jawfish species. These can commonly grow to a staggering 4 inches; at this length, it can be considered one of the largest species of this sort that is available to put inside of a tank!

Purchasing 1 or more of the nano salt water aquarium fish can be quite an investment with the majority of their prices running you up at least $30. There are a ton of species that are available for purchase and care; however, there are only a limited few that can be considered as a great purchase. This article lists the top 5 nano salt water aquarium fish that can be purchased at any store that sells common species. Purchase any one or more of these and you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase!