With all the technical reviews of the new iPad; there are understandably some good iPad reviews and some really negative iPad reviews. The worst of the technical reviews probably come from countries where the new iPad 4G system won't work because of compatability issues, but some of the best negative reviews of iPads can be found on you tube.

The following video's are some of the negative reviews of the iPad throughout its incarnations, and when they were tested to destruction, they quite literally were. I was actually tempted to trade in my Blackberry Playbook for a new iPad hoping the hype was not just hysterical Apple fanatics, but I am glad I didn't succomb as I have a habit of dropping my tablet.


For my own review of the new iPad you can read it here.

PC World did a Genuine Review of the Durability of the iPad 2

The PC World review of the iPad 2 was pretty thorough and shows that YouTube is an excellent vessel for the showing real reviews with actual results. Some of their work on the iPad testing is somewhat ad-hoc, but it represents what life is all about; including spilling coffee and sharp nails to it as well as dropping it.

The review team at 9to5Mac.com have previously tested the iPad screens seperately to the unit to test just how difficult it is to break the glass. They point out that the iPad 2 screen is thinner than the iPad 1, but they still manage to prove that some are not very flexible.

9to5Mac.com Review of iPad screens

Maybe Apple were missing a trick when they built the sturdy metal cases that the iPad lives in; a flexible rubber like offering that you can bend and flex would be great..... although the components industry has not quite caught up yet.

and finally, before we head to the real reason that we have YouTube video reviews of the iPad; an upload from an insurance company (I wonder why) has managed to test the brand new iPad "3".

Durability Review; iPad 2 vs New iPad

And Finally

With the scientific testing of the various iPad destruction tests complete, it is time to prove that Apple iPads are actually tested by some to destruction.

Will It Blend?

As you can tell, I am no Apple fan and I am quite happy with a clunky 19" laptop on the train, a nice big multi-screen Windows 7 Ultimate (64Bit) at home, Blackberry Torch mobile and a Playbook Tablet just to be techy.

I am sorry if you like your iPad, iPhone, iPod or iExperience-of-the-geek-geniuses-in-the-iShop.....

And if Microsoft made iPads?