Lord of the Rings Filiming Location
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Almost everyone loves to travel, and regardless of whether you prefer sunny beaches or crowded cities, there are countless places to travel to in the world, which suit the needs of most people. However, there is one demographic that's been quite overlooked when it comes to travelling; the nerds.

Sure, there are some popular destinations that can be considered nerdy, but when it comes down to it, the true nerds of the world will have a hard time finding an interesting place to go for their vacation.

This is far from okay - everyone should be able to find a place to visit that suits their needs and interests perfectly.  Therefore, this compiled list will present some of the world's more nerdy travel destinations, with ideas of where to go in the world to have a unique and interesting experience.

Pythagoras' Home - Greece

Wouldn't it be cool if you could visit the home of one of the greatest mathematicians in ancient history? Well, you can - you just have to go to the island of Samos in Greece and you'll find the birthplace and home of one of the greatest minds of early mathematics - Pythagoras.

Located just off the coast of Greece, the island of Samos is the perfect vacation spot - it's an awesome combination of the wonderful nature and weather of Greece and its extremely nerdy history. Could it get any better than that? And since it's already a popular tourist destination, it's easy to get there, and the place holds relatively high living standards. In other words; it's the perfect holiday destination for any nerd!

Area 51 - USA

Ah, the classic Area 51. There isn't a single person who doesn't know the many stories and conspiracy theories surrounding this place. The mystery of it alone is enough to put it on this list, not to mention the countless movies it's been included in.

This is a given travel location for any science fiction geek, but the area is home to a lot more attractions than just the famous alien research site. A whole community has grown up around the tourist business associated with Area 51, and tourists can sign up for a multi day bus tour around the huge area, seeing everything there is to see around there.

The Lord of the Rings Filming Locations - New Zealand

As if anyone would ever need additional reasons to visit the beautiful country of New Zealand, the diverse nature of these islands is host to a somewhat famous nerd attraction: the filming sites of the Lord of the Rings movies. If there is any place in the world for a true Lord of the Rings fan to go, it's without a doubt New Zealand.

Being the country where the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed, New Zealand has turned it into a major tourist attraction for fans all over the world. From specially designed Lord of the Rings group tours to self drive trips, the ways to enjoy the awesome scenery of the movies are endless.

Want to see what the beautiful Shire is really like? Just visit the town of Matamata, where a lot of the movie scenery still remains. If you're looking for a bit more adventurous places however, you should visit the Taupo Region - the filming site of Mordor and Mount Doom (although, sadly, the area has less evil volcanoes than the movies would have you believe). Or, if you want to follow entirely in the footsteps of the little hobbits, you can always book yourself on one of the Lord of the Rings tours, which will take you through every major filming location of the entire trilogy.

CERN - Switzerland

This list just wouldn't be complete without the Mecka of science: the CERN research facility. And for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few years, CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research - is the largest and most advanced particle physics laboratory on the planet. It's especially famous for the disputed Large Hadron Collider, which has been used in practically all the major advancements in physics during the last decade.

Although a lot of CERN's giant facility is off limits to the general population, some parts of it can be accessed from time to time. For instance, the CERN museum is open all year round to the public, and a special building is displaying exhibits several times a week.

However, for the even geekier people, who aren't satisfied with just seeing parts of the area where the majority of the world's advancements in particle physics take place, there is always the special tour of the facility, which is offered to a small group of people each year. However, to apply for this tour, you have to expect a long waiting period of at least several months, and go through a strict screening process.

The Star Wars Filimg Locations - Tunisia/Norway/Italy

The star wars movies contain some ridiculously beautiful scenery, and it's possible to visit a lot of these places in person. And thanks to some devoted preservation work, much of the scenes in the movies look exactly the same in real life as well.

The filming locations were many, but the most famous (and most accessible) ones are in three countries; Tunisia, where the harsh landscape of Tatooine can be found, Norway, where the icy hell of Hoth remains completely untouched, and Italy, where one can hike through the beautiful lands of Naboo.

So regardless of whether you're a huge Star Wars fan or just looking for a nice place to spend your holiday, the Star Wars filming sites provide a variety of wonderful travel destinations.


Of course, there are many more nerdy places to see and experience around the globe, but these five are easily the most awesome nerdy places to visit in the world.