Although it is argued that reading is a dying hobby, one of the best-loved elements of television is the literary feature. Whether it’s an author interview or the review of a great read, many readers still love to see the written word discussed on TV. Here are five shows which are maintaining this important and entertaining pursuit.

'Fox and Friends'

Fox News

This show dedicates a good deal of its time to emerging and established authors, and is thus a great way to keep up with trends in books, discover an exciting new writer or rediscover an old title begging to be read. ‘Fox and Friends’ popularity as a morning show means that the books and writers which they feature are always going to be interesting and the hosts and co-hosts are always very enthusiastic about the authors in question.

'The Colbert Report'

Comedy Central

Although ‘The Colbert Report’ is not known for its book reviews or focus on writing, it has a surprising amount of authors and books on each week. The show will cover everything from the latest fiction to in-depth works about the fiscal climate. Past authors who have been guests on the show include Diane Sawyer, Michael Moore, and Jeffrey Kluger. If you’re in a book club, or even thinking of striking one up amongst friends, take a look at the past authors on ‘The Colbert Report’ for inspiration.

'The Daily Show with John Stewart'

Comedy Central

Again, a show better known for its political satire and current affairs theme, ‘The Daily Show’ is another great TV show that gives books and writers great air time. Host John Stewart is always thoughtful and insightful as an interviewee, and he has had a large number of very high-profile authors on the couch opposite him recently, among them Jim Lehrer, Caroline Kennedy and Mitch Daniels. You can expect ‘The Daily Show’ to provide you with a couple of book suggestions a week.

'Good Morning America'

ABC News

For many an American Institution, Good Morning America (GMA) also pulls its weight when it comes to considering un-put-downable titles and interviewing terrific authors. Many authors actually opt to release their book on the show and the show is devoted to picking out ‘favorite reads’ in all genres, from coffee table books and children’s books to fiction and self-help books. Turning on GMA in the morning is an easy way of exposing yourself to new reading materials and the insights of many authors with great ideas.

'Piers Morgan Tonight'


Since Larry King went out and Brit star Piers Morgan came in, there has been a slight increase in the amount of authors on this CNN slot. Morgan’s first ever guest was Oprah Winfrey, whose Book Club is continued only on the internet and leaves a significant gap in the realm of books for American TV to fill. Normally authors on Morgan’s show have written biographical books or memoirs, but even so, they have stories to tell and typically a good book to back it all up.

These five programmes are a great starting point for any viewer seeking to get a foothold in the world of reading, author interviews and book reviews. Be sure to keep an eye on the TV listings and on the internet for any announcements of special appearances by older, better established authors, and also keep an open mind with regard to new authors given a chance on the national airwaves.