Back in 2008 much of the United States and the world for that matter experienced a souring economy in which banks were going bankrupt, people were losing their jobs, and the credit situation was off the charts with more repossessions and foreclosures than there had been in decades.  Now in 2012 as the economy is recovering slightly, there are still thousands out of work making what jobs are available very competitive.  If you're a student, or the parent of one, then you may now how hard it can be to find decent employment without competing

against hundreds of applicants.  What if there was a way for them to get creative and make a decent wage doing their own work? Well in short, there are many different ways in which a student can make money part time, and most of them just require an internet connection and a computer.

Nontraditional Job #1

The first example is a website that's geared towards paying you to do market research for companies via surveys, trial offers, searching the web, watching advertisements, and shopping.  Often the hardest part about doing this type of job is the monotony and finding a legitimate business, however CashCrate has been around since 2006 and is 100% foolproof.  You won't make a ton of money, but it is an easy way to make around $100 to $200 a month if you're good with a computer.  The company encourages people to make blogs and acquire referrals to earn even more money with their CashCrate review sites; and some are quite successful -earning over $1,000 a month but it's certainly not the norm for most users.

Nontraditional Job #2

Have you ever been completely frustrated trying to piece together something that you just bought?  There are many people out there who are willing to pay for a person to put together kitchen tables, multimedia centers, desks, yard furniture and many other DIY home furnishings.  If you have patience and a creative side, this could be the perfect job for someone who likes feeling accomplished after something is fully built and ready to use.  Advertise your services on the web using Craigslist, or make flyers that can be easily affixed around town to spread the word.

Nontraditional Job #3

If you're a master of the english language and can type so fast that it sounds like popcorn crackling, you could get a gig as a content writer.  There are all sorts of sites on the internet where you can sign up to receive work, or you can even advertise and brand yourself as a professional content writer and collect a list of clients that will use your writing services.  People who own authority websites, blogs, and news sites always need fresh and timely content and they're willing to pay you $1 per 100 word all the way up to $5.00 per 100 words and more depending on your skill and the job requirements.

Nontraditional Job #4

This example has literally exploded over the last few years and there are many people who earn a consistent living off of it.  Fiverr is a website where people sign up and publish gigs in which you will do services for people for money ($5 each).  It could be drawing a cartooniture of someone, singing happy birthday, helping with website coding, designing graphics, creating a logo, doing a YouTube video, and much more.  The limits and possibilities to Fiverr are completely endless; you just need to make sure you focus on pleasing your customers as the system and your success is highly dependent on user reviews and feedback.

Nontraditional Job #5

If you're the go to guy or girl when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing tech products then you could be making money for doing the same thing for other people other than your friends and family.  Replacing cracked cell phone screens, setting up wireless networks, removing viruses and spyware and jailbreaking and flashing are just some of the common tech related services that people are constantly looking for.  Again, it is probably easiest to advertise your services on Craigslist and go from there.

There are many other methods as well and you can basically do anything that you enjoy as long as it could be a service to others.  Some people even make products like jewelry and sell them on websites like Etsy.  The trick to earning money in nontraditional ways is to be creative and do something that you have a passion for and/or are good at.  Instead of waiting for opportunities to come, simply make them.