Many NFL football players are famous for game-winning touchdowns and record-breaking yardage, but there are just as many notorious NFL players known for much more than their football skills and game abilities. From drug charges and questionable sexual activities to assaults, burglaries, and vandalism, these football players have a reputation for trouble.

#5 - Pat McAffe

Pat McAffe

NFL punters are usually not too well known, but Colts punter Pat McAfee made sure to make a name for himself. McAfee was arrested in 2010 and charged with public intoxication after a woman called police to report a wet, shirtless man who was apparently trying to break into her car. With a blood alcohol content of 0.15, McAfee was swimming in nearby canals around 4 in the morning before he was spotted near the car.   

#4 - Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress

Since joining the NFL in 2000, Plaxico Burress has faced several civil lawsuits. The wide receiver was sued in 2009 over damages to a vehicle he was given by a dealership in exchange for publicity that he never performed. Just before his contract with the Jets was signed in 2011, Burress finished a 2-year prison sentence for criminal possession of a weapon. Burress turned himself in to police after he was shot in the leg inside a NYC nightclub by his own gun.

#3 - Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin

Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin began working on his arrest records not long before his NFL career with the Cowboys came to an end in 1999. It began with a charge of cocaine possession in 1996 at his 30th birthday party. Later that year, false allegations of sexual assault kept Irvin in the spotlight. When his days on the field were over, his appearances in court were not. Irvin’s latest news involves a civil case filed in 2010 over sexual assault accusations from 3 years earlier.

#2 - Kenyatta Jones

Now an offensive tackle for the UFL, Kenyatta Jones didn’t have much time to gain fame for his football skills in the NFL. Injuries and an arrest were to blame. He was charged with pouring scalding water on his roommate just before he was released by the Patriots in 2003. Jones had another arrest in 2008 while playing with the AFL. He had tried to urinate on a dance floor when he was charged with assault for shoving the off-duty officer that removed him from the club.

#1 - Pacman Jones

Pacman Jones

Perhaps one of the most notorious NFL players known for more than their football skills is cornerback Pacman Jones. Aside from the well-known Vegas shooting incident that cost Pacman a 1-year suspension from the NFL, he also accumulated an assortment of drug and assault allegations during his time with the Titans and the Cowboys. Jones spent some more time off the field following an altercation with his bodyguard in a Dallas hotel in 2008.

While the athletes listed above may have some amazing moments on the field, these 5 notorious NFL football players are known for much more than their football skills and abilities. From one time arrests to repeat offenders, the NFL has gained a reputation for having players in legal trouble.