Tower Defense (or tower defence, whatever you prefer) games are hugely popular on the world-wide web. And not without reason, the gameplay of these kind of games is very engaging and addicting. Hours can fly by while playing a tower defense game.

The origin of TD games goes back to 1983 with a game called Bokosuka Wars, a game where players must storm a castle, avoiding towers built to shoot at them as they pass, rather than defend it. In 1990 Rampart came out and in the year 2000 the first tower defense games as we know them now were released. They were played using custom maps in StarCraft and WarCraft III. With the rise of Adobe Flash TD games were being made for playing using your browser. These days there are hundreds of variations but essentially they all have the same goal: prevent the enemy from reaching the end of the maze.

GemTD - Gem Tower Defense

5) GemTD

GemTD is one of the older flash tower defense games and is a bit different than other TD games. In GemTD the enemies will have to go through predefined points before they can go to the next one eventually ending up and the end which will cost you lives. Besides these points you can build towers everywhere you want. Each round you will get five gem chances where you will choose one and the other four will form rocks. This way you can start mazing so that the enemies get a very long path before they can end up at those predefined points. The gems you choose can eventually form special towers that have features that will make killing the enemies alot easier. So when choosing the gems you will have to choose wisely so you will end up with these special towers, without them winning is near impossible. GemTD was originally brought to WarCraft III and the flash version has some features that are different from the original, making it less fun in general, but still fun enough to end up on the fifth spot of this toplist.

Vector TD - Vector Tower Defense

4) VectorTD

VectorTD is aesthetically one of the most beautiful tower defense games I know of. It has a total of eight different maps ranging from beginner to extreme maps. In VectorTD the path the enemies will follow is already predetermined and you will have to build towers around the path to be able to kill the enemies that are trying to reach the end. With a total of eleven towers you will have to make a combination that will kill the enemies, which come in several colors. These correspond with the tower colors and for example the green towers will do 150% damage to the green enemies but only 50% to the red ones. Finishing VectorTD on easy mode can be done pretty easily, but for the extreme maps you will have to come up with the right exact mix of towers!

Cursed Treasure Tower Defense

3) Cursed Treasure 

This tower defense game looks pretty standard, but has a lot of features that make it very special. The TD itself has 3 different towers which can be upgraded, if they get enough experience from killing enemies, and eventually you can choose one of two special towers for that kind. Three towers seems little, but the fun part is that they can only be placed in nature (nature towers), ice (ice towers) and burned land (fire towers). This creates a nice balance which makes the game harder than it might look like. Enemies will have to go to a sort of nest and grab a gem there to bring back the way they came. During the game you will have to unlock every level by playing the one before hand. In the process you will get experience points so you can upgrade your skills and make your towers stronger from the get go. Cursed Treasure is very addictive and you will play for hours before ending (and perfecting) that last level.

Onslaught 2 Tower Defense

2) Onslaught 2 

Onslaught 2 is a TD game I personally have played for months. The addictiveness of this game is very very high, you will be hooked and playing for hours to see how far you will get. This TD game basicly has no end, the units follow a predetermined path and you will have to kill them using towers. These towers have three kinds of upgrades: range, damage and rate, and with each upgrade you buy the next upgrade will get more expensive, a lot more. When towers are fully upgraded they get special powers which will kick in every now and then during the game. Also, place several different towers next to each other and they will form a special attack type. The rocket launcher and the Tazer together can bring a very cool special attack where the rockets will fire off tasers which kill the enemies almost instantly. This TD game only has 'forever' mode, and reaching a very high level can take a large amount of time. Only start this TD when you don't have anything important to do for the rest of the evening! You have been warned!

Bloons Tower Defense

1) Bloons Tower Defense (1-5) 

Tower Defense really grow popular all thanks to this version. Bloons started out as a 'throw the dart and pop a set of balloons' game from which a TD version spawned. The developer didn't expect this game to become as popular as it got. The five versions that can be found on the internet these days are testament to its popularity. The reason? It's hard to say, but popping balloons instead of killing some evil monsters from the depths of hell might have something to do with it. Also the several kinds of towers, all featuring monkey's throwing darts or boomerangs might have helped. And then there's the Super Monkey, the king of towers. This tower you want, as fast as possible. Each Bloons tower defense game has several maps with more and more balloons being thrown at you. Even if you don't like tower defense games, this is a game you must have tried!

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