Outdoor Hanukkah decorations can add a festive touch to any yard. Decorations can liven up a neighborhood. Just because a family is Jewish, does not mean that they cannot decorate their yard. They will just have to look a little harder for the right decorations. The best places to find Hanukkah decorations are online through a retailer such as Amazon or through a hardware retailer such as Lowes, Home Depot or Menards. The most common Hanukkah decorations are flags and lights. Below is a list of the top five outdoor Hanukkah decorations based on customer reviews and price:

5. Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag

Festival of Lights FlagThe Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag is a great addition to any yard to help celebrate the holidays. It is one of the few outdoor Hanukkah decorations available on the market. There are many designs to choos from when it comes to holiday garden flags. Most of them will be Hanukkah colors of blue, gold and white. They will often have many images associated with Hanukkah including the Star of David, a dreidel, a menorah and gold coins. It is made of a high quality fabric that won't fade in the sun or shred in the wind. The Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag would look great in any yard and will spread Hanukkah cheer throughout the entire neighborhood. Just image how great this flag would look flying next to your door. Imagine the smiles on your friend's faces when they see your Hanukkah flag. Spread some Hanukkah cheer today by purchasing a Happy Hanukkah Garden Flag.

4. Hanukkah Outdoor Appliqued Flag

Happy Hanukkah Polyester FlagThe Hanukkah Outdoor Appliqued Flag is one of the more durable outdoor Hanukkah decorations. It is constructed out of UV resistant polyester. The colors will not fade in the sun and can withstand just about any type of element thrown at it. The nylon is tightly woven to prevent fraying. The polyester will prevent the flag from becoming too noisy when it is flapping in the wind. The flag itself is a light blue in color and features a menorah and the Star of David. The Hanukkah Outdoor Appliqued Flag is one of the few Hanukkah flags that are flown horizontal. Fly the flag high above your home so the whole neighborhood will be able to see it. There's nothing better than celebrating what you love.

Happy Hanukkah 3'x5' Polyester Flag
Amazon Price: $19.99 $5.80 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

3. Hanukkah Draydelette Decorative Lights

Hanukkah Dradelette Decorative LightsThe Hanukkah Draydelette Decorative Lights will brighten up the outside of any home. They can be placed in doorways, windows and ceilings. The lights are a variety of colors and are shaped to look like dreidels. The mini lights can be placed just about anywhere. They are certified for outdoor use. If it snows, these lights will still be working and lighting up your home. The lights blink to add a festive look or they can be set to no blink. All you need to do to make the lights blink is replace one of the standard bulbs with a blinking bulb which is included. These outdoor lights come with four replacement bulbs. The multiple sets of lights can connect together for decorating large houses. The Hanukkah Draydelette Decorative Lights are the only light-up outdoor Hanukkah decorations.

Set of 10 Draydelette Multi-Color Dreidel Chanukah String Lights - Green Wire
Amazon Price: $29.99 $17.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

2. Hanukkah Menorah Large Flag

Happy Hanukkah Applique FlagThe Hanukkah Menorah Large Flag would add a stylish touch to any home. The image is printed on 300-denier fabric. This creates a crisp image that can be read from far away. The flag displays a menorah, a dreidel and the Star of David on both sides of the wording. The wording says "Happy Hanukkah". The image is printed on both sides of the flag. The polyester is all weather and can stand up to the worst weather. It is fade resistant so it can be placed in direct sunlight. The flag can be machine washed which makes cleaning it a cinch. The Hanukkah Menorah Large Flag is one of the best flags when it comes to outdoor Hanukkah decorations.

Garden Sized Applique Flag: Happy Hanukkah
Amazon Price: $19.01 $5.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

1. Hanukkah Menorah Yard Art Decoration

Hanukkah Menorah Yard Art DecorationThe Hanukkah Menorah Yard Art Decoration is the ultimate Hanukkah outdoor decoration. It is 20 inches tall and features blue and white rope lights. There are over 125 lights covering this menorah shaped decoration. There is no way your neighbors will miss this. It is a gorgeous decoration and looks great in the snow. No assembly is required so you can take it right out of the box and set it up in your yard. You can also put it inside the house if you desire. It needs to plug into a standard 120 volt outlet so make sure there is a power outlet nearby. This is the number one decoration to have when you are decorating your yard for Hanukkah. Celebrate the Festival of Lights with yard lights of your own.

20" White & Blue LED Lighted Rope Light Hanukkah Menorah Yard Art Decoration
Amazon Price: $79.99 $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 31, 2013)

If you enjoy celebrating the holidays, you will enjoy these decorations for Hanukkah. They will not only make your freinds and family happy but they will bring smiles to anyone who happens to drive by. Lights are not just for Christmas. They are for Hanukkah too. The Festival of Lights deserves to be celebrated with lights so purchase as many lights as you can and make your yard glow. The best way to spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood is by decorating your front yard with oudoor Hanukkah decorations.