Not all pagans are Wiccan, but many variants of paganism, including Wicca, use the same pagan supplies for the same, or very similar, reasons. If you have recently changed to a pagan religion and want to put together the best supplies, you can try shopping at a Wiccan store, but are all those items really needed? What will you ever use the mortar and pestle for? If you want to get the pagan supplies you really need to begin your new religion, use this list. 

Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows is not used by all pagans, but for those who do use them, this is the most important item among their pagan supplies. This book of spells is not necessarily needed, but it holds significant meaning for its owner. A Book of Shadows doesn’t just collect spells, it collects emotions and even memories. 


Candles are, arguably, the most important of any pagan supplies. Each color can represent a variety of meanings or emotions based on the user’s feelings, wants and needs. The flame of the candle also acts as a seal to spells which use candles. Putting the candle out indicates you are done communing with the spirits, acting as a physical dismissal to go with verbal ones. 

Scented herbs and oils

Scent alone can bring on a myriad of memories. Certain smells almost seem to penetrate the human mind, changing emotions and thought processes, even if only temporarily. As such, herbs and oils with strong scents are common among pagan supplies. From lavender to rosehips, these herbs and oils serve different purposes in spell casting or even daily life. 

Ritual knife

A knife, usually a functional dagger, that has been cleaned both physically and spiritually through ritual can be used to cut cloth, paper, candles, separate herbs and much, much more. A knife must never be used for evil or cruelty when it is one of your pagan supplies. Even using it to cut items outside of rituals can taint the knife’s meaning. 

Ritual bowl

Like a ritual knife, the bowl you use for rituals and spells needs to be used only for this purpose. The bowl also needs to be cleansed ritualistically to avoid tainting any spells or items mixed in it. A medium-sized bowl made of metal, clay or organic, non-glass substances are preferred.