When hosting a large party be sure to get the games listed below to guarantee a memorable night of laughter and excitement.

1. The Game of ThingsThe Game of Things

Packaged in an unassuming wooden box, this simple game packs lots of laughter. A series of cards and notepads are the only materials needed for this game. Each card contains a phrase that solicits players to think of “things that” do x,y, or z. For example one card might say “Things that would make golf more fun” or “Things that you shouldn’t put on your resume.” Each player writes something down, that could be funny, witty, or just true, and players then have to guess who said what.

When playing with a group of adults answers can oftentimes become… well… adult, and uproarious laughter will ensue. However, this game is simple enough that even younger children can participate and entertain a crowd. The Game of Things is best played with around six people but can be played with groups of over ten for even more fun.

2. Mad GabMad Gab

Mad Gab is another simple party game that packs lots of laughter. Teams as little as two or as large as desired compete against each other and attempt to guess phrases on game cards. For example, one card may say “Ron Held Ray Gun.” The person reading this phrase does not know that he or she is to get their team to say “Ronald Reagan.” The key to success lies in varying syllables and intonations of the words shown on each card. Sometimes, this does not work out very well and the person reading the card sounds more like they are from a far off planet.

3. Catch PhraseCatch Phrase

Catch Phrase is probably the easiest game of these five to play in extremely large groups. Players will gather in a circle with every other player on the same team. The goal for each player is to get the members of their team to say the phrase displayed on the digital game disc by giving clues. The member giving the clues cannot say any part of the phrase and cannot give any clues that rhyme with the phrase.

For example, the digital display might say “Moonwalk.” The clue giver cannot say “moon” or “walk” separately. However, they could say “Michael Jackson’s famous dance.” Or, they could break up the phrase by saying “not the sun but the…” moon and “not run but…” walk. Either way, the object is to get their teammates to utter “moonwalk.” Each player only has to be the clue-giver for one phrase and then must pass the digital disc to the adjacent, opposing team member. Each round has a time limit, and you do not want to be stuck with the disc at the end of the round, much like hot potato. Catch Phrase can become frantic and is a wonderful way to get everyone engaged in an exciting game.

4. Taboo

Almost exactly like Catch Phrase, Taboo takes things one step further and is every bit as stimulating. Again, a clue giver must get their team to say the phrase located on game cards. This time, the clue giver cannot say any part of the phrase AND cannot say any of the words listed below the clue.

For example, the phrase might be “Silicon Valley,” and one of the forbidden words might be “Macintosh.” The clue giver cannot say Macintosh or any of the other words listed. Each round the clue giver tries to get their team to guess as many cards as possible. Again, this game can reach a frenetic pace and can entertain large crowds.

5. CraniumCranium

Unlike the other games listed, Cranium takes the more traditional board game approach. In Cranium, up to four teams with unlimited players compete against each other to reach the finish line first. A dice is rolled to determine how far each team travels on the game board, and each space on the board corresponds with a game card to be played.

The game cards fall into one of four categories—trivia, spelling, art, or acting—and elicit varying amounts of laugher. Crowd favorites are generally the art or acting cards. When an art card is pulled, one teammate is chosen to draw or sculpt something (with included play dough) that the rest of the team must guess. For acting cards, a team member is chosen to essentially play charades, to act like a famous person, or to hum a popular song, all of which the teammates must guess. Cranium is much slower paced than the other games listed here but is another wonderful game for large groups of people.