The perfect gift for a woman would naturally be based on what your relationship was to the woman in question, and why you were buying her a gift in the first place since none of that is specified here I will try to just make general suggestions. 1. Chocolate or some sort of candy I have yet to see a woman that didn't like chocolate. 2. Flowers another old one but a good one naturally what type of flowers would depend on the woman, and you relationship to her. 3. Dinner Take the woman in question out to dinner letting her pick the place to eat. 4. Movie, again let the woman choose the movie even if she chooses a dreaded romantic comedy. 5. Some sort of personal attention gift, say a coupon for a massage, a manicure, a haircut something of that sort. As for a price range I would say something around 25 dollars, depending on again who the woman was and what your relationship was to her. - Louiseville, KY


Red roses and really nice Swiss chocolate along with a very nice personal card. You can never go wrong with that, even for the woman who has got everything! - San Francisco


The top 5 gifts for a woman are money, flowers, a spa treatment, jewelry, and of course, the one thing she's wanted since she was a little girl (just to show you pay attention). If she's always wanted a pony, get her a stuffed one, or if she's wanted to sky dive, take her out to do that. It's not so much the money that you spend, it's the thought you put into the gift to begin with. - Idaho

The perfect gifts for a woman include jewelry , handbags, Spa Treatments, perfume, and iPad. These gifts are the perfect gifts for any woman in your life. You can’t go wrong with jewelry. You can choose between earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. This could fit any budget and can be very customizable. Handbags are loved by almost any women. There are so many varieties and can go with any price range. Spa Treatments are great if you want to pamper the woman in your life. Price usually will be around $100 and more depending on the treatment. You could even splurge and do a couples treatment. Perfume is wonderful treat for a woman. There are many scents to please anyone and usually start at around $40 and above. Finally an iPad would be the perfect gift for your techie woman in your life. The new ones start at $499. An iPad would be perfect for the woman in your life that loves technology and wants to be up to date. There are so many possibilities for uses on the iPad where the woman in your life will thank you so much for these wonderful gifts. Each of the five gifts mention above are the best and most perfect for any woman in your life. - Arizona



The perfect gift for a woman is love and understanding her needs, but since we can't buy that yet. I will list the top 5 perfect gifts for a woman in my opinion. The number five gift would be a shopping spree of anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars, let her go crazy. The second gift would be a spa weekend with her loudmouth friends, this will cost you probably somewhere between 500-100 dollars. Third gift would be a face lift or boob job, this is really a gift for both of you this is about 4 to 10 thousand. Second gift would be a new car everyone likes new cars, buy her a prius or something like that it will make her feel like she is doing something good to help the environment, this will run you 20 to 40 grand. The last gift you could give a woman hire a maid and private cook/ nanny, this will free her up to do everything she says she is too busy to do. I don't know how much this would cost but make sure they are not hotter than your wife. - San Diego

1. New perfume (she will usually mention which one she likes 2. some sort of jewelry like a necklace. Or earrings or a bracelet. I say a necklace or bracelet. If you want to look more unique get an anklet. 3. A teddy bear. Its also cute if you go out on a date to build-a-bear workshop works for any age from teens to elder. 4. some sort of gourmet food like chocolate, gourmet cupcakes, or go to a candy store (not like see's the more independent ones.) And get something that looks fancy and delicious she will love it. Another thing you could do is go to a bakery and pick up something or even make something yourself. Another thing no one ever thinks of is you could go to a baker and buy a really small cake or bake one. Bake some brownies or cookies she will love them. 5. A song this works even better if you can't sing make it funny and unique sing it to her and she will love it. - Alameda, California

A gorgeously soft scarf that will double up as a blanket for Saturday evening DVD night as well as for wrapping up in to nip out for the Sunday papers. Also comes in oatmeal. - San Jose, California


The perfect gift for a woman, really depends on the woman. There's always flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. How about a pampered day at the spa including a manicure and pedicure with a massage. A massage alone is also a very nice gift. The gift could also be birdseed if she enjoys watching the birds. Once again, choose a gift you know she will enjoy. - Buffalo, MN


The perfect gift for a woman isn't too difficult to figure out but here are my top five suggestions. One: A spa day. Most towns have some sort of spa experience. A massage, manicure/pedicure package that can go as small or high as you're budget. This is a pampering she'll love. Expect to pay around $200.00 for a basic package. Two: A bag or purse. Try to choose one she's had her eye on and if it's a designer bag she'll love it. Just about every woman carries a bag. These can range from $50 - $1000's. Depends on your budget and situation. Three: Jewelry always gets to the heart of any woman. Depending on the relationship jewelry is always special. Jewelry that will excite her will start at $200.00. Stay away from cheesey $99.99 heart necklaces. Four: Perfume. Women love scents and unless they have a signature scent they've worn for years and never anything else it's a safe bet she'll welcome another new scent into her lineup. Especially if you tell her you love the scent on her. You can expect to spend around $100.00 minumum for a quality scent. Five: A coffee/tea/chocolate basket. Ladies love these items because it's a winding down, self indulgent treat. Good baskets will start around $100-$150 and go up for quality items or more of the good stuff. - Bay City, MI