Time Square New Years
Credit: Francois Pichard via Flickr

Once the clock hits midnight on December 31st, where do you see yourself? New York’s gigantic ball drop might be an obvious choice for most people, but there are a whole lot of interesting places that you can go to spend New Year’s eve. Whether you want to party all evening or watch fireworks from the beach, there is definitely the right spot for you to welcome the new year ahead. Here are the top 5 places to spend New Year’s Eve if you are still looking for the most ideal place.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney New Years FireworksCredit: Normanz via Flickr

Sydney, Australia has been known to have the largest firework display, as well as the second largest New Year celebration in the world. In the recent years that have passed, it has been reported that this city has spent more than $4M for just fireworks alone, in just one night. Sydney also hosts several activities starting from the day until the countdown. The city even has a cannon fired hourly from Fort Denison. Visit Sydney this time of the year to see spectacular firework displays at the Sydney Harbour, and you’ll surely won’t regret coming here.

Hawaii, USA


Hawaii New YearsCredit: Kyle Nishioka via Flickr

Hawaii is the perfect spot if you are spending New Year’s eve with your kids. You can bring your family over to the Waikiki Beach, and have a great luau while waiting for midnight. Other beach front choices are Ko Olina, Hana, Wailea, Manele Bay, and Poipu beach. If you want, you can also celebrate New Year on a cruise boat, with the beautiful islands of Hawaii as your backdrop. Hawaii is probably the most relaxing place to spend your New Year.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan New YearsCredit: Fin De Ano Baila via Flickr

A highly recommended place for travellers, San Juan, Puerto Rico is known for its friendly and accommodating locals. Enjoy partying all night in this city as it is known for its flowing cocktails, warm weather, and gorgeous beaches. Drink a coquito, a local version of eggnog, and dance salsa while watching beautiful pyrotechnic displays. Tourists love San Juan as it is miles cheaper than Miami. 

New Orleans, USA

New OrleansCredit: Tulane Public Relations via Flickr

If you want to have a memorable celebration, then consider spending it in New Orleans. Champion of great food and cocktails, this city is known for hosting fun events like the Mardi Gras and the Jazz Fest. With a 15-minute fireworks display, 8-foot illuminated symbol of the city (fleur-de-lis) and live music entertainment, spending your New Year’s Eve here is definitely worth the trip. 

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas New YearsCredit: InSapphoWeTrust via Flickr

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or any time of the year, Las Vegas would always be included on any top places list. The Sin City is even better as hotels, bars, and clubs offer special shows and entertainment, especially during this time of the year. What’s best is that The Strip is closed from 6pm, and becomes the perfect party place where anyone can drink, dance, and party. People can also watch spectacular fireworks here. The party definitely does not stop after midnight here in Las Vegas.

If you are having difficulties deciding where you will be spending the next New Year’s countdown, don’t worry, you still have a lot of time planning ahead. Pick a place you know you’ll enjoy no matter who is with you. What’s most important is that you welcome the New Year filled with fun, hope, and excitement. 

New Year's Eve
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