Christmas 2011 will be here in no time. If you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your college student, consider something that’s as practical as it is trendy. Techy gadgets top the wish lists of most college students this Christmas.  From ultra-thin, lightning fast tablets to a dorm size cooking station, get some ideas from these 5 practical must buy gadgets for your college student’s upcoming spring semester.

#5 - Netflix Subscription

This gift idea isn’t quite a gadget, but it’s practical and works with most of your college student’s favorite gadgets. From movie night with the roommates to a quick TV break on the iPad between classes, a Netflix subscription will help your student relax and unwind next semester. Netflix has thousands of titles available for instant viewing on any compatible device, including iPhones, gaming consoles, and computers. ($7.99 per month)

#4 - Apple's iPad 2

Even if your college student already has a tablet, the iPad 2 is on the top of many wish lists for Christmas 2011. A fun and practical gadget, the iPad 2 is thin, light, and fast with all the features your student needs to learn, play, and keep in touch during the upcoming spring semester. From scheduling and note-taking to games and video, it’s a good thing the iPad 2 has a 10-hour battery life because your student may never put it down. ($499 and up)

#3 - The iLuv Pillow Shaker Alarm Clock

If breakfast isn’t enough to get your college student out of bed in the morning, get him or her the iLuv Shake and Wake alarm clock for Christmas. This gadget is an iPod docking station with an adjustable LED alarm clock. Your student can use the built-in speakers to listen to his or her favorite playlists or to enjoy the radio, and the vibrating pillow shaker will make sure he or she gets to class on time next semester. It also features battery backup and is compatible with most iPods. ($49.99)

#2 - Elite Cuisine Three-in-One Breakfast Station

Maxi-Matic EBK-200 Elite Cuisine 3-in-1 Breakfast Station 4-Cup Coffee MakerThe perfect gadget for a college dorm room, the 3-in-one breakfast station will be a great companion for the upcoming semester. A griddle, toaster oven, and coffee maker will help your student wake up alert with a healthy breakfast, and will keep him going through those late nights of studying. These 3 must-have college accessories are combined into a compact design that requires very little space, making it one of the most practical gift ideas this season. ($39.99)

#1 - Smartpen from Livescribe

Echo Livescribe Smartpen 4GBAny college student would be grateful for this Christmas gift when spring semester is back in session. The Echo by Livescribe is the latest Smartpen for Christmas 2011. With the ability to take written notes while also recording the lecture, this is a practical must buy gadget that will help your college student succeed next semester. The Echo is available in 4GB and 8GB models, and easily transfers files to your student’s computer. ($149.95)

More than likely, your college student has already mentioned at least one of these must buy gadgets as the perfect Christmas gift for 2011. Make them happy with practical gifts that will be enjoyed over and over in the upcoming spring semester as well as the years to come.