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Top Five Purdy Brushes to Use!

Today’s paint market offers hundreds of paint options. Whether you are purchasing from Menards, Lowe’s, Walmart, or a paint-specific company like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin-Moore, or Glidden, you must always use the right brush for the job! Different paints require different paint applicator. There are many brands with many brushes, roller covers, and misc. tools to "get the job done right." However, many of these products are not the right tool for your particular project. Therefore, it’s important to follow instructions and choose the right brush. Before you choose to use that old brush you found in your basement, ask yourself:

Will this brush give the smooth finish that I’m looking for? Can this house stain brush give perfect cut-in lines along my new door frames? Or can this inexpensive, flimsy-bristle brush actually hold that thick-bodied paint? More times than not, you probably have used an inferior brush. Why fight that next gallon of paint? Don’t make it painting harder than it already is!

As long as the prep work is properly handled, a good brush will take care of the rest. Purdy offers several brushes that are versatile and can make painting much easier!

Purdy XL Brush

Purdy XL

  • The Purdy XL brush is one of the most popular interior/exterior brushes, offering a flagged and tipped nylon/polyester blend to hold more paint while lessening brush strokes.
  • XL will work with most paints and offered with different handles on multiple brush sizes.
  • If you are looking for a multi-purpose brush, Purdy XL is your applicator!

Purdy Pro-Extra

  • Purdy Pro-Extra houses a blend of chinex, nylon, and polyester for an extremely durable, long-lasting brush. The filament blend offers a versatile range of uses.
  • Pro-Extra is great for all exterior paints and flat interior paints.
  • Choose this brush when you've purchased a paint & primer in one product. These paints are usually applied at a proper film thickness. Pro-Extra will give you this to spec. 

Purdy Chinex

  • Used for heavier-bodied paints, Chinex provides excellent pickup and coverage. Also, Chinex has extra stiff bristles which are perfect for outside projects where soft brushes don’t hold up. Use Chinex and find out how easy they are to wash!
  • Chinex will look and feel like natural bristle, but will be shed-resistant. 

Purdy Clearcut

  • This tipped-only brush does not hold as much paint as the XL, but will give you excellent paint flow to cut-in quickly while creating a smooth finish.
  • When you have to cut ceiling lines or along your trim, buy this brush!

Purdy Syntox

  • All the benefits of natural Ox-hair, but better! Syntox brushes will last longer, shed-less, and are used for both water and oil-based products.
  • Purdy Syntox is an awesome brush for thinner products, like stains and varnishes.

Purdy provides excellent brushes for most paint projects that you'll have the pleasure of doing. Once you find out what type of paint you are using, choose the right brush for the job by asking a sales associate or reading the recommended applicator specifications on your can of paint. Though slightly more expensive this house-brand brushes, these brushes are well-worth the investment. You’ll save time and money!

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