What is the most expensive comic book?

Comic books have been around for decades and they continues to be popular. Bring characters such as Superman, Batman, Ironman...etc to life, comic books have brough just pure entertainment to our lives. Besides the amazing drawing,these comic books introduce heroic character that generations have look up to. Following is a list of the 5 rarest and most valuable comic books.

1)   Action Comic #1

Number one in the list is ‘Action Comics #1’. This comic is considered as a pioneer of bringing Super Heroes in comic books. This book introduced ‘superman’ into this world making it quite valuable.  The book have an estimate worth of $1,390,000.

2)   Detective Comic #27

Second in the list of the most valuable comics is ‘Detective Comic #27’. This is a part of a series by DC comics and brings stories of crime and mystery ― with people trying to find clues about them. This particular edition rose to fame as it was the first time the world got to see the popular superhero ‘Batman’. Batman was revealed in this edition in a two-page comic story. The book is estimated having a worth of almost $1,380,000.

3)   Superman #1

Printed in 1939, Superman #1 was the first comic fully devoted to Superman. It enthralled its readers with the heroic stories of the character. The reason behind the book’s success is ―Superman — being in complete spotlight — for the first time. It is estimated to have an worth of $630,000.

4)   Marvel Comics #1

Printed in October 1939, this was the beginning of the world renowned comic series by Marvel. It introduced us to super heroes such as the Human Torch among many others. A single copy apparently has a value of $580,000.

5)   All American Comics #16

The All American Comics #16 was first printed in 1939 and introduced the character of Green Lantern and has an approximate worth of $430,000.