What is the top 5 rarest most expensive action figures?

Action figures are not just revered in films and fiction; fans would go all out and spend on their favorite anime action figures, irrespective of how expensive they are. As a matter of fact, action figures are rare and make for collectible items. They are usually worth a small fortune, especially at an auction. According to our survey, the top 5 most expensive anime action figures are listed below -

1. 1963 GI Joe - Prototype

This is by far the most expensive anime action figure that has ever been auctioned. Also listed as one of the most costly toys, the GI Joe - Prototype (1963) was a first of its kind action figures to be manufactured. It was sold at an auction for a whopping $200,000 to the founder of Diamond Comic Distributors, Steve Geppi. This action figure can only be seen in Baltimore at Geppi's Entertainment Museum.

2. Mego Elastic Batman

Mego Corporation, a toy company that dominated the toy market during the 1970s came up with a range of stretchy figures for several characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Casper the Ghost and Batman. When Kenner (the mogul of the toy market then) was not impressed, Mego was compelled to drop the range of elastic figures. Two of their Batman figures that look and stretch like Stretch Armstrong maybe be available for purchase today but be prepared to pay a whopping price for the same. They could cost an estimated $15,000 if not more.

3. McFarlane's Babe Ruth 

At first look, this action figure would seem like any other but a closer look at Babe Ruth will reveal its special feature to you. In this series, only five Babe Ruth dolls were made that wear a blue hat. While three of these figures were released for retail in hidden cases, the remaining two were held back at the McFarlane archive. Upon the emergence of the first retail figure, it was put up on eBay and bought of the site for $13,600. As and when the other two appear they will be worth much more.

4. Telescoping Light Saber Darth Fader

Star Wars did not only define scientific fiction and films, their action figures took over the toy markets upon being launched. When they were first introduced in 1987, they were accompanied with a fragile accessory - the telescoping light saber. Because the accessory was fragile, Kenner decided to redesign the same and their production was stopped. Since not too many of the original light sabers were manufactured, the ones that still exist demand a high price. If you find one of these that were the first of its kind on the market, they will be worth paying a minimum of $7,000 for.

5. G I Joe - Nurse

As bizarre as it sounds, of all the GI Joe characters that were turned into action figures the (female) GI Joe Nurse was one. It failed to become a hit because toy stores were very confused what section of the store to place them in - the dolls section or the war toys section. If you come across one of these limited edition dolls today, it will easily be worth $6,000.