What is the Rarest and Most Expensive Board Game?

Everybody has played a board game at least once before in their life. Board games can be fun and addictive, but also challenging and educational. Sometimes people decide to play a board game at social gatherings to get better acquainted, or it can serve as something that brings a family together, allowing them to be able to stand each other's company for a few hours.

You probably won't have to shell out more than twenty dollars if you're looking to buy the average board game, but have you ever wondered how much top board game cost. Here's a list:

1. J. Royal Chess Set. Created by the artistic jeweler Bernard Marquin and his diligent team in 2005, the J. Royal Chess Set is a chess set that is made of platinum, gold, and various precious stones. It took over 4500 hours of craftsmanship to make, and over 2 ½ lbs. of 14 carat white gold was used. It contains 9900 black and white diamonds also. And it's listed to be worth a whopping U.S. $ 9.8 million. It is not listed as for sell.

2. S.M. Monopoly Set. Created by jewelry designer Sidney Mobell and unveiled in 2012, this Monopoly set is made mostly of gold and jewels and contains over 200 different of stones. It's greatly detailed. Every Property card contains gems, totaling 165 in all on them. And the set of dice has 42 diamonds and are worth about $10,000 alone. It's estimated total worth is about U.S. $2 million. This Monopoly set was donated by Mobell in 2003 and is not for sale.

3. C. Hollander Backgammon Set. Another creation of Bernard Marquin's for the purposes of the C. Hollander Collection. It's made of nearly 7 kg of gold and over 5 kg of silver. It contains over 60,000 yellow, black, and white diamonds, with a total carat weight of over 14 oz. This work of art took almost 10,000 hours to craft, and it's estimated to be worth over U.S. $2.5 million dollars. It is not listed as for sell.

4. Kiseido Imports Game. Less known than the other three, the Kiseido Imports Game is an ancient Chinese game. The game is played on a board with legs, and it is made out of masame wood. The board only is priced at $10.000. The game set also includes what are called yuki-grade shells and slate stones which are worth over $2000. And mulberry wood piece holder bowls for $1000. The total worth of this game is U.S. $12,950. This game is available for order at kiseido.com, the game maker's website. You can also get more information on the Kiseido Imports Game on the website.

5. Outrage Deluxe. The plot of this game is to capture the base in London. It includes silver moving tokens that you move on its mahogany board frame with a small drawer built in. Playing cards outlines in gold and solid gold crown jewels are also included. The game makers have a website called outrage-game.com, where it's possible to order their game. There's additional information on Outrage Deluxe on the site.

There are several board game manufacturer that release luxury editions of your favorite games. It's easy to find out more about them online!