Pokemon was a popular tv show that features cute "animal-like" characters dueling each other for their masters.  As the show's popularity grew, it spawned the pokemon trading card game. Overtime, the show's popularity begin to declined but values of certain trading cards has continues to increased.  Some pokemon cards have been value at thousand of dollars.

These cards below are some of the most expensive and rarest Pokemon card ever sold or is sPokemon illustratorCredit: wiki commonelling. Value of cards can changes rapidly, it might not be the same value at the moment you are reading this article.

1.) Pokémon Illustrator (Pikachu Illustrator): This card is consider the rarest Pokemon card in the world. Only 4 of this card was ever released. It was given to those who had won the Pokemon Card Game Illustration Contest and have been sold for 20,000 dollars. Although its value have been decrease due to the declining popularity of the tv show, it continues to sell for 10,000 dollars and above. 


2.) Pokemon Fan Club Umbreon:This card was given out as a prize through the Pokémon Daisuki club. If a members obtained about 70,000 points, they were awarded this card. Not too sure about the detail regarding this but I have seen it on Ebay, asking for about 14,000 dollars. It has about 3 offers, not sure if it will really sell at this prices.

3.) Pokemon Fan Club Espeon: This card has the same history as the Umbreon card and to get it require about 50,000 points. Its asking price on ebay is about 5,000 dollars.

4.) Tropical Mega Battle: This was a promotional cards release in 1999, 2000, and 2001 for the Tropical Mega Battle tournament. Only 3 copies were ever made, one for each tournament winner. It has been known to sell for 10,000 dollars when the tv show's popularity was at its peak. The current asking price is around 5000 dollars and it has 3 offers already.

Mewtwo misprintCredit: wiki common

5.) Mewtwo Misprint: This card was release as a promotional card in the US but was somehow misprinted. The current asking price for this card is 3100 dollars and the seller has 6 offers already.




Honorable Mention:

6.) 1st Edition Holographic Charizard card: This is one of the most sought after card and the current asking price for it was about 2500 dollars. It is the most valuable mass produce card.