What is the most expensive Yugioh card? Yugioh card game have been highly popular the past decades and is still remaining popular. From competitions that offer promotional cards to cash prizes, Yugiohis still growing strong. Although the show is about a magical cards game, it has a lot of adult theme and unlike pokemon, these monsters are not cute. From this show spawn the actually cards game, which some of the cards have been seen selling for thousand of dollars.

These 5 cards are some of the rarest and most expensive card that is selling or is currently selling now. The price for these cards varies depending on the popularity of the game at the time, so the prices might not be the same as when you are reading this.


1.) Tyler The Great Warrior:


There is only one card of this kind in the entire world and it is highly unlikely that it will ever be put up for sales. The reason why only one of this card was release is because it was a make-a-wish request.

Tyler Gressle was 14 when he was diagnosed with embryonal sarcoma. Doctors had to remove 25 percent of his liver and his prognosis was not good. The Make-A-Wish foundation heard of Tyler’s story and wanted to give him and his family hope. They gave him a chance to design his own yu-gi-oh card.

Although this card has no immediate value because it is not up for sale, it is not unusually for this kind of card to sell for 100,000+ dollars. The story alone can make any card worth thousand of dollars.


2.) Cyber Stein:

This card has been place on ebay for roughly 4500 dollars and has been known to sell for 4000+ dollars. It currently has 11 offers already. There are roughly 148 ever to be release, usually as a promotional card or given to a winner of a tournament. The first time this card was put up for sale, the seller was asking for 10,000 dollars but it did not sale. It was then lower to 7000 dollars.

3.) Gold Sarcophagus

The pharaoh’s tour gold sarcophagus is worth around 2000 dollars and only around 25 of these cards were made. The current asking price for this card is around 1499 dollars but it has been known to sell for 2000+ dollars.

4.) Blue Eye White Dragon:

It is ironic but this card is worth more than the Blue Eye Ultimate Dragon. First shown in the anime at the very beginning around episode 3 or 2, this card is a trademark of Seto Kaiba. With an attack power of 3000, it dwarfs a majority of monsters and let it obtain its legendary status among yu-gi-oh fans, not to mentions it looks really cool. Current asking price for this card is 1000 dollars.

5) Shrink SJC:

This card is extreme rare and the current asking price is around 895 dollars for just a psa 9. If this was a psa 10, I am pretty sure the guy would be asking for a lot more.

While there are definitely cards that has asking price higher than the one I shown you, these cards are more likely to be sold at its asking price. Take Des Volstgalph for example, its asking price is 950 dollars but that was “half off” the owner claim and I found an similar one that was asking for 337 dollars.

There is also another card that was estimated at 500,000 dollars: The Blue Eye Ultimate Dragon with Armor. I highly doubt this card is true, it is probably a rumors or someone just mistaken another card for this. At 500,000 dollars, I highly doubt this card will ever sell if it goes online.