I am so determined to lose these 30 pounds or so I picked up this year alone (please don’t judge me) I have a very stressful job, and I believe that the Nike Fuel Band is going to get me back on track.

There are so many reasons I love this little soup’d up pedometer and I’m going to list out for you 5 reasons why I love this thing so very much, some amusing and some not so amusing reasons, hey because getting fit(ter) should be about equal parts work and fun, or it simply is not sustainable.

(1)   It Makes Me Look High Tech and Like I Actually Care About Working Out:

I for one don’t normally like to draw a lot of attention to myself at the gym or around the track, but this device is super “gadgety” and futuristic. Especially when you press the display button, you’re on the treadmill part beast, part robot, part really cool “gadgety” person. And once you illuminate your Nike Band, check your stats and resume full cool “gadgety” person position, people just stare. And they wonder what that thing is that making you push through your walk/run.

(2)   I Won’t Be Chubby for Long with This Device

Ok, let’s get serious here. I weigh too much because I sit on my butt all day. And for good reason, I have to make a living in my company cubicle, stressing over some mind numbing work; no one will really care about in 10 years. And since we no longer feed the chickens on 1000 acres of rolling hills to get in our 10,000 recommended daily steps (our ancestors likely got by noon), we have to get it by treadmill, elliptical or outdoor walking/running. I’m convinced that no one stays fat walking or running 5 miles a day (yes, that’s around 10,000 steps for me-which leads me to the next reason.)

(3)   Enhanced Motivation (And OCD) – But I’ll take More OCD for 40 Less Pounds Alex

Nothing keeps me more motivated by seeing my progress throughout the day and being bent on meeting the goal by the time the day is done. But this is a warning for you, if you have any OCD running through your veins at all, you’ll become even more obsessed with the Nike Band, especially if you love charts and graphs. And let’s face it, people love numbers and charts. Why do you think people stay up and watch CNN on Election Day all day and night, it’s not just because we want our guy (or woman) to win, we love the numbers, projections and trends behind it. You can do all the OCD you want with your Nike Band and APP. I imagine there is some compulsion to staying on task and getting committed about losing weight and getting fit.                             

(4)   Becoming More Food and Calorie Conscious

Now, I’m not going to get into all the science behind a calorie, because a calorie isn’t just a calorie as it relates to weight. Insulin plays a huge part and so does normal ordinary digestion. So it’s possible to gain a pound when you aren’t consuming enough fiber, or when there is way too much sugar in your diet (been there done that).

But on a basic level, weight accumulates because one ingests more than one burns, and so obviously math does play a huge part. And seeing how many calories I’ve burned illuminated throughout the day is really wake up call. For example it’s 1:33PM EST (and after working out this morning) I’ve burned almost 800 calories, now do I want to have a Cobb Salad or a Double Cheese Burger with Fries? (Don’t Answer That!) Seriously I want a Cobb Salad or something similarly that’s not going to cause me to trash the 800 calories I’ve already burned.

(5)   You’ll Soon Want to Let Everyone on Facebook Know How Lazy They Really Are

I’m not really that into social media, and I’m among the generation who built it. But sometimes I often wonder what if people committed just an hour to physical exercise (the same hour or more they commit to Facebook.) But once I get my stride in a week or two, we’ll be finding out. And I’ll be reminding a few friends that hey in the amount of time you cryptically posted about how much your job and boss sucks, you could have been on a break outside or on the steps getting these here Nike Fuel points. Sure your job will still suck, but at least those endorphins you’d be kicking out would make you feel better about it. The Nike Fuel band is NOT God. You’ll probably still hate your job.

The Negative Reviews and Untruths on the Nike Band

There are some things people are saying about the Nike Band that I simply object too.  Firstly, this device is not God. So it may miss a step or two, but overall it really is minimal and you’re stats aren’t off by miles. And flailing one’s arms doesn’t cause an increase in steps either. I’ve read this in some reviews that this is happening to some people when driving. But unless Fred Flintstone posted the review, it simply is not true.

People are also saying that a step to burned calorie ratio varies with type and intensity of exercise. This is actually a more valid argument. Though this is a great device for the treadmill and elliptical (and outdoors walking and running too), there are things that you can do that can expel more calories without increasing the speed that the Nike Band just obviously can’t account for. Intensity is one. Incline is another. All these things affect the calories you burn. But I’m personally ok with this because I’m not doing this for the majority of my workout additionally I need to see how much I’m moving OUTSIDE of the gym, this is important to me.

As you can see, I believe the Nike Band is a must have device that everyone needs for getting and staying in shape. Your grandma style pedometer just isn’t going to cut it anymore.