Top 5 Reasons Why Skype on Playstation Is Great for Gamers

If you are a game lover, you already know what a Playstation is. If you have been around for a while, you also must have heard about Skype the best way to make long distant calls for poor people. When you think about the two applications, you will find it hard that they have something in common. Recently, Skype became available on Playstation and that is a feature that makes people wonder what is the point. There are many reasons why you might want to activate this feature. If you are not convinced that this is a good idea, you might want to consider some of the reasons listed below:

No computer - If you don’t have a computer of a tablet on which you can make free phone calls through skype, you might be interested in the new feature. It will be an easy way to talk to others and arrange a gaming battle.

Anger after Defeat - For those who are really into gaming, it will be nice to be able to see the facial expressions of your opponent especially if he or she is losing. The Skype feature will let your gaming experience become even more enjoyable.

Parents – If you parents think that you are spending too much time on your console and are trying to ban you from enjoying yourself, you can tell them that you are calling grandma to see how she is doing. You only have to make sure she isn’t dead or that she doesn’t live in the same house.

Gender – If your are playing with someone online who tells you he is a girl called Shannon and keeps beating you at your favorite game, having Skype on Playstation will likely dissipate your worries when you realize you are dealing with a pimpled face male teenager who spends most of if time awake at the altar of self imposed gaming exile.

Distraction/Education – If you want to be able distraction your opponent by continuously talking during the game. It can also be a way to learn tricks from your opponents live by asking how some of the moves are done. It will take your gaming user experience to the next level as you spend more time playing instead of participating in wholesome activities like watching TV.

Well, Skype and Sony are trying to make your gaming experience better by giving you a feature that you might not easily appreciate but will definitely grow on you. The future is about interacting with others and the fact that you will be able to use video chat on your gaming console is an added bonus that you will eventually appreciate.

If you don’t have a console, you don’t have to buy one just because you want to use Skype. If you really need to talk to someone, you can still do that using your normal computer. That said, it is not a cool as showing off to your friends and family how your gaming device can be turned into a video conference appliance. This is a neat feature that will definitely get more players to stay connected and get to know each other.