Writing is the most pleasurable thing which happened in my life. I started writing as a pastime but soon realised that it can also give immense pleasure and fulfil all my aspirations. Then suddenly this topic was thrown as to what are the reasons which compelled me to write. According to me, the top five reasons to become a writer are:

1. Writing is an easiest way to express myself. There are lots of people who can speak fluently or put forward their point eloquently in front of others. However, I was not from that group. It took me some time to understand that I am not able to express myself the way I would wish to. This was evident from the way I interacted with my clients. Suddenly I realised writing things down eases a lot of pressure on me. First of all, I need not be prepared for any rejections straightaway. I can write all my feelings without any fear. I can put across my point correctly with equal ease. This has greatly helped me in communicating with all my clients. This further motivated me to do maximum with writing.

2. It pays me. Once I started writing, I found there are enough resources on internet which can pay me. There was a lot of spare time with me. It was being wasted on irrelevant things and making me more lazy. I found that writing can earn me a lot of money. Various sources like infobarrel, ehow etc pay money just to write articles. There are other sites which pay you for writing reviews about products. With all these options available, I was mesmerised to see the earning potential in writing. Once I knew it, it is definitely worthwhile to start writing, spend your time wisely researching for writing and earn a substantial second income.

3. Easy way to keep track of my activities. Once I started writing, I found that I am becoming more and more organised. Writing is a great leveller in that, it brings your mind and actions together on a peace of paper (or now-a-days on a PC). You can simultaneously keep tract of multiple activities. Writing about various activities gives me enough confidence. Writing everything is like keeping all the facts at your fingertips. Having all the facts will further motivate you to write.

4. Help others. Writing makes a subject available to public. Had all the teachings of our ancestors or researchers not been written, they wouldn't have seen the daylight. And all of us could not have benefited from the information treasure. When I write something, they are either my experiences or I have done some research and written. There is a lot of learning from others experiences especially the elder ones. Also, information on a particular subject may be available at one place or another. The research, which people like me carry out, put forward that dispersed peace of information into meaningful knowledge which can be used effectively. This has greatly influenced me to keep researching and writing from that research or from my own experiences.

5. Good pastime. Writing is a creative thing. It stimulates your mind. Instead of wasting time on unwanted things, that time can be gainfully utilised to write about something. I can write about anything. I can vent out all my feelings good or bad by writing them and relieve the associated stress. I can write about my travel. This can be of great help for those planning a travel at the same place. I can write about my experiences in workplace. This can make me introspect better.

There are still some reasons why I started writing. However, the best ones are listed above. I hope this will stimulate each one of you also to start writing.