Having trouble deciding which portable media device you should get? The best one available, in my opinion, is the iPod Touch. This device really can do so much and it is as easy as pulling it out of your pocket. Everyone enjoys music, but the iPod touch takes portable media to the next level. Heres the top 5 reasons I think you should try one out for yourself:

1. Music, movies, games, & more!- Unlike most mp3 players, the iPod  Touch has the ability to play more than music. It can play movies and you can also download high graphic games to play anytime, anywhere! Everyone likes listening to music and relaxing, but having something extra to do like playing a game is really a great idea to enjoy your time even more. Games range all the way from puzzle and strategy to adventure and action. There is unlimited games on there and you are bound to run into one you will enjoy and play over and over. Best of all, most are even free or very cheap. Usually, they are pay and play so no monthly charges! The only downside to this is the games do suck up quite a bit of battery, but not so much as to where you will never want to play one.

2. Tons and tons of apps- Other than games, apps can be informative or  even useful for everyday life. Most companies today have apps available on the iTunes Marketplace and make it easier to access them rather than having to log onto a computer. There are apps that give you information like the Wikipedia app and the Wolfram Alpha all the way to the Chevy app that allows you to start your car! As mentioned before in the games section, these apps are inexpensive and are easily accessed at the touch of your finger. 

3. Surf the web- Everyone uses the internet everyday and what better way of accessing it than from a device that fits into your pocket! If you are in a Wi-Fi location, you could surf the web quickly and easily manipulate the page through various touching properties. You can zoom in and out, open more than one page at a time, scroll up and down, and access your  favorite websites. If you have access to the Internet, you can download apps, games, and music right from your iPod. This cuts the hassle of having to do everything from your computer and sync it. Now that's convenience!

4. Large amount of space- iPod Touch's come in all different GB sizes. They range from 8-32 GB. The 8GB is plenty to be able to have at least 500 songs and even up to 20 apps! Well, which should you get? I recommend the 8GB for the average person. This is a sufficient amount of space and will get the job done. You will be able to have quite a large library of music and apps combined and shouldn't have the running out of space problem. For those who are more media friendly, I recommend the 32GB. This is a lot of space! It is very hard to fill this one completely, which is why i recommend it for the media friendly user. Those who will be putting their photos, movies, music, apps, etc. on there are going to need more space due to these files taking up more storage than music and apps alone. They are a little different in price, so that could be a factor in choosing which one you will be getting.

Theres some of my reasons to own the iPod Touch. Apple makes pretty great products to work with your busy everyday life and just make it simpler. This is definitely a necessity in today's society as everyone is in a rush and busy. I own the 32GB and it is working great. Problems rarely occur with it and is very dependable. I use it for a vast majority of my activites such as listening to music while exercising or playing a game for entertainment on the road. I hope this guide helped you choose the right mp3 player for you! 

Thanks for reading! 

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