Move to Columbus, OH

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Columbus, Ohio has been receiving numerous accolades in the media recently as a very attractive place to live in and move to. With the rapid growth of the city, there couldn’t be a better time to move to this amazing city. If you are considering a job, or an education in the Columbus area, I strongly recommend you consider giving the city a chance. Listed below are five specific reasons why Columbus will be a great fit for you!  

  1. Columbus is smart! - Columbus was rated the seventh smartest city in the world according to the Intelligence Communities Forum for 2013. This designation was awarded to the city based on their commitment to education, technical skill development, and their advancements in medicine, technology, and education. Columbus is home to one of the largest research institutions in the world, Ohio State University, and is simultaneously committed to small startups and innovation through organizations such as Tech Columbus and the Columbus Idea Foundry. Additionally, the Columbus Metropolitan Library has been awarded five star ratings for seven consecutive years by the Library Journal. The CML is the only library system in the U.S. to be awarded this honor as consistently.
  2. Columbus is a Foodie Town - The city’s downtown, German Village, and Short North Districts all posses a wide variety of excellent eating and drinking establishments. Restaurants include German Village’s well-known (as seen on Food Network and Travel Channel) Thurman’s Cafe, and the local gem Alana’s. International offerings include Nida’s Thai, El Arepazo, Lalibela, and the list goes on and on. Other local favorites include, Schmidt’s Deli, Northstar Cafe, North Market, Katzinger’s, and Lindey’s. If you are looking for a pick-me-up, great local roasters and cafes exist, as well. Crimson Cup Coffee is a small local roastery, and Impero, Travonna, and Mission Coffee round out a robust list of local downtown coffee shops.
  3. Columbus is a great singles town - has named Columbus the fourth best city in the U.S. to be young, broke, and single. has also kept Columbus in their top-20 for “Best City’s For Singles” list for multiple years now. Columbus is also extremely gay friendly, with numerous gay and lesbian bars including Union, Axis, Local Bar, and many others. There are numerous events available for dates, and the bar scene abounds with young, local singles. If you’re young and single, Columbus is the spot to be!
  4. Columbus is an Outdoor Town - The city’s mayor, Mayor Coleman, has been deeply committed to the development of the city’s park and bike trail system. Under his watch, bike trails have been built anew, extended, and interconnected. Columbus also has a broad range of city parks in its system including Batelle Darby Creek, Scioto Audubon, Three Creeks, and 14 others. The city is also streaked with local parks that follow its diverse ravine system, and include other local hideaways such as the Park of Roses. If you are the outdoorsy-type, you will find no shortage of places to get out and be active.  
  5. Columbus is a Sports Town - Columbus to its core is a massive college football town. The Buckeye’s own the attention of most of the city’s residents, but many non-locals forget that Columbus is home to three other professional sports teams. These teams include The Blue Jackets (NHL), Columbus Crew (MLS), and Columbus Clippers (AAA-MLB). Tickets and parking for all three events are typically reasonable and almost always available. If you are a sports fan, there is a team for you!

If this list doesn’t convince you, do some online exploration yourself. There are a number of other exciting attributes to Columbus that haven’t made this list, that are sure to spark your interest. Columbus is young, vibrant, and friendly -- we’d love to have you!