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A Brief Introduction on Tribes Ascend

The Tribes series is one of the oldest on-line first person shooters (FPS) games and has been around since 1998. It was one of a kind FPS as many did not include an on-line aspect; Tribes paved the way for many games such as, Halo, Black OPS, and Counter Strike. Mostly known for its vast environments, fast pace capture the flag (CTF), and skiing, the newest installment of Tribes, Tribes Ascend has been released and has been gaining a lot of momentum by the gaming community. The new Tribes Ascend is entirely onl-ine, like the first Tribes but with more realistic graphics and game play. Here are the top five reasons why Tribes Ascend still remains as one of the most unique on-line games after nearly 15 years since its inception.

5. Game Types and Armor Classes

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Tribes Ascend is a team oriented game, more so than other FPS games because of its armor classes and game types. You really get a sense of this when you see a competitive Tribes game, especially in capture the flag. Check out SmallKiwi's channel on YouTube to see some competitive Tribes game play. Below is a brief break down on the game types and armor classes.

Game Types

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Team Death Match (TDM):

Very similar to other death match games were players on a team and try to kill as many opponents as possible. Each side starts with 100 spawns but the difference is that the team holding the flag increases their kill count by two for each kill so hopefully someone is holding the flag on your team while teammates are attacking.

Arena (AR):

A little different than TDM, arena only allows 8 on 8 and there is no flag to hold, it's simply a pure dueling mode where players are tested on their fighting abilities. Unfortunately, if you've just started Tribes you will not be able to play Arena until you have brought your character to level eight.

Capture the Flag (CTF):

This is the meat and potatoes of Tribes, each team has a flag where the objective is to capture the opposing teams flag and return it to your flag stand, the first to reach 5 captures wins the game. Very similar to regular capture the flag but because of the specialized class layout each player would do best to play on their strengths and match them with the right class. The last thing you want is everyone on defense as a technician defending the flag while no one is attacking the enemy base. Another thing is base assets such as turrets, sensors, and generators that keep the base defended. Most people don't realize but the generator is the most important asset to keep up and running as it powers all base assets and deployables, without the generator players will not be able to re-supply their ammunition, use deployables or purchase vehicles. Team communication is essential in CTF and can make a big difference between a win or loss, this is accomplished by using the voice game system (VGS) or using a third party voice communication software (VCS) such as Mumble. However, Hi-Rez Studios will be adding and making changes to its current VGS and possibly adding its own VCS.

Other Game Types:

Rabbit: This game type has faded out of public servers but still remains on custom servers since it's similar to TDM but, the difference is that the player which holds the flag the longest wins the game.

Capture and Hold: Team members are to hold strategic positions on the map, the more positions you hold at the end of the round the more points you earn. But unlike CTF base assets are acquired by capturing and holding points of interest.

Armor Classes

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Light (Pathfinder)(Sentinel)(Infiltrator):

The light class is characterized as being well... very fast and light. If you want to go fast in this game you would choose any of the three variants of the light armor class. Each has their advantages and uses but you generally use the Pathfinder for capturing enemy flags, Sentinel for sniping, and Infiltrator for light offensive attack with its cloaking capabilities. All of course in the light armor class are at a disadvantage since they are easy to kill but hard to hit.

Medium (Soldier)(Technician)(Raider): 

It is a balance class, unlike the light or heavy classes they are fairly agile and can take more damage than light armor units. Again, each of its advantages and general use such as the Soldier is great for either offensive or defensive roles when equipped with a Spinfuser, Technician excellent at defending, repairing, and deploying base assets, and the Raider for its sheer havoc in raining fire power with its Arx Buster.

Heavy (Juggernaut)(Doombringer)(Brute): Is a class that has more firepower, high resistance to enemy damage, and very little mobility. The Juggernaut is great for both offensive and defensive roles with its mortar and Mirv cannon, the Doombringer mostly used for defensive roles due to its force field deployable and chain gun, and the Brute for its offensive role with its Heavy Spinfuser or Gladiator. 

4. Shazbot ! Voice Game System (VGS)

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The voice game system (VGS) is very unique to the Tribes franchise, unlike many of the current FPS games Tribes uses VGS where players can invoke commands to communicate with teamates. The way a VGS works is by selecting a key combination to invoke or call out a command e.g. [vgs] = shazbot ! or [vgca] = awesome ! But trust me this is one thing that really makes the game fun and once you see the logic to the key strokes you won't even think about it.

3. X,Y, and Z ? (Jetpacks)


That's right jetpacks! What's interesting is that although most FPS games are in 3D they really don't allow the player to traverse the Z-axis of the environment. Tribes allows you to do this and it really makes the game fun, fast , and very challenging. It will be more difficult to hit players that are in the air so don’t be surprised if your kill count is much lower than a traditional first person shooter game.

2. Uber Fast Game Play (Skiing)(1 Sanic = 1 Km/h)

Ski & Jetpack

Another unique quality about this game is skiing, which allows players to slide frictionless across terrain at blazing speeds. No other FPS has this type of movement and in fact this was a major bug in the first Tribes which many players exploited but has since been added as a new type of movement to the Tribes series. Skiing takes some time to get used to but it's actually a very simple concept, simply press the space bar to activate the ski when you are moving downhill to gain momentum and use your jetpack on the uphill to conserve your momentum. Repeat this process on every downhill and uphill slope to gain the most speed. The most advance players will use this to their advantage to grab the flags at blazing speeds around 200 to 300 Km/h or Sanics. A Sanic is just a metric to measure how fast you are going, 1 Sanic is equivalent to 1 Km/h. 

1. Free to Play (F2P)

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Yep it's free... all you have to do is go to Hi-Rez Studios download the game and install it on your PC. A very interesting approach as not many gaming companies use this business model, some possible reason is to combat piracy another is to continually improve the game. In fact, about every month a new update is added to the game which really helps to keep the game exciting and exhilarating.

So how can this be free to play? Well, players earn upgrades on their classes two ways, either by putting in the time to earn XP points which allows them to unlock their classes faster or by buying XP and Gold with real money. Earning the XP might take a little longer to get the upgrades but the game is so intense and fun you hardly notice the time pass by. If you really want to speed through the ranks you can put in as little as $10 to get a XP boost to earn upgrades more quickly.

If your interested in trying out Tribes go ahead and select the link Tribes Ascend it's free !