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What’s the big deal with running a 5k?  You see them advertised all the time, all over town, but you’ve never run one.  Why start now?  They are more fun than you think and I’ve got 5 big reasons that you should get out there and try one or two 5k races.  You might just enjoy yourself along the way.

1-Get into shape/Be healthy/Stay in Shape

Who doesn’t want to be in shape?  The average person in the United States lives to almost 80 years old, but living isn’t only about the duration of life, it is about the quality of life.  After the age of 40, muscle tissue that is not used starts breaking down and your body doesn’t repair itself like it did in its 20’s.  So if you’re not a person who works out regularly, your body becomes a bowl of mush by the time you get to your 60’s.  Be active, get into shape and be healthy.  It can only benefit you and your loved ones in the long run, not to mention stave off huge, unnecessary medical bills.

 2-Be a part of your community

When you get out into the community on a regular basis, you can easily get to know other people who you would never regularly see.  It’s good to know your neighbors, but it’s also good to connect with people outside of your standard comfort zone (like school, church or your own neighbors).  I know people who run a 1 or 2 races per year, and I know people who run 40-50 races per year, everyone has their own level of comfort with being part of the community, but having more friends and acquaintances is never a bad thing.

 3-Donate to a cause

Usually local races like 5k’s are charitable and raise money for a good cause.  Donating money is good for you, but it is easy enough to budget for some local charities.  Looking for a 5k that aligns with your charity beliefs can go a long way to support their needs.  It’s fun to give outside of your standard charities and causes and it helps the smaller organizations stay in business.

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 4-Be a great role model for friends and family

Everyone has friends and family that could use a role model for fitness!  It isn’t necessarily polite to say: “Hey, I think you are fat and should get into shape”, but is very simple to say something encouraging like: “Why don’t you run this next 5k with me?  You’d be great at it!”  Positive role models can lead to healthy habits, and healthy habits can turn into other lifelong positive habits, influences and messages.  The more you help other people live, the more you will feel alive yourself.

 5-See new things and get a new perspective on life

It’s amazing to see the world from the view of a runner’s perspective because it’s easy to ignore your surroundings when traveling around in the comfort of your cushy car.  It’s doing all the work to get you comfortably from place to place so you don’t quite see everything like you would when standing on your own two feet.  When I get out to a 5k race that goes down Main Street, the buildings always seem a little taller, the roads seem a little longer and the hills seem a little steeper.      After a race you see the real things in your world differently and it is a breath of fresh air to know that you don’t always need to ride in a vehicle to get from place to place.


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Hopefully these 5 reasons are motivation for you to get out there and run a 5k with some friends and family.  Good luck and keep on running.