Colorado has almost everything you can dream of besides a sunny beach to lie on during the summer.  Here are the top 5 reasons on why to live in Colorado.

            5.  No need to own two houses, for in Colorado, you are in all different kinds of weather year round. For example- on the day of Monday 13th, 2014 there was a 2-hour delay at my high school. A week later (yesterday) it was sunny and 75. So once again, no need to go out and buy a second house if you live in Colorado.

            4.  The capital of Colorado is Denver. Denver is not your average capital though. It is the mile-high capital. It is also home of the mile-high stadium, The Coors Field Stadium. There is also a row of seats inside the stadium that marks the exact mile high mark.

            3.  Pikes Peak is one of the most gorgeous pieces of scenery in Colorado and along the Rocky Mountains. Thousands of people climb it every year and the reward is definitely worth it. At the top of the mountain you’ll find a dandy little gift shop and convenient store. Enjoy the view with a donut in your hand!

            2.  Something you can’t find anywhere else than in Colorado is the incline. It’s probably one of the largest staircases in the world. Its about a mile high up the mountain. I must warn you it can be dangerous to walk down because it is so steep. So something else we have in Colorado is the BARR Trail. Considering it’s convenient location next to the incline, hikers usually like to walk up the incline then mountain run down the BARR Trail. There is even a halfway point where the BARR Trail and the incline meet. 

            1.  Nothing shows off Colorado like the world Famous Garden of the Gods. Millions of people gather year round to experience the wonderful red rocks and snap pictures of the kissing camels. I have even had the privilege of restoring one of the trails in Garden of the Gods.

            There are so many wonderful things to say about Colorado. It would take forever to list them all. Some other amazing tourist attractions located in the Rocky Mountain state are the 11-Mile Reservoir, the two cities Silverton and Durango. There is even a scenic train ride you can take connecting the two cities. I hope everyone enjoys reading this article on the top 5 reasons to visit Colorado!