Have you ever wondered which actresses have the highest net worth? Out of all of the actresses in the television and film industry, there are quite a few that have a large sum of money; however, only the most successful ones have accumulated enough of a net worth to make it onto the top 5 richest actresses list. Many people imagine actresses as doing simple make-out scenes, and being able to shop for designer clothes from the money that they made during that scene; however, little do people know how much work and dedication goes into actresses careers. Most of the performers on this list of the top 5 richest actresses have had to work even harder than normal because they were competing against men for the star roles in television shows and movies; moreover, this was difficult because men were given preference over women. These actresses have all worked hard to accumulate a net worth this large and make it onto the list of the top 5 richest actresses; this article will exemplify what their net worth is, and how they accumulated it.


5. Cameron Diaz 75 Million

This actress makes it onto the bottom of the top 5 richest actresses list with aWhat Happens In Vegas Widescreen Edition DVDCredit: Amazon.com phenomenal $75 Million of net worth. For some reason no matter how many years go by in Cameron Diaz's career, she still maintains that "cute" look that got her the first ever role in a movie. She's spices the cute look up with a bit of sexy, combines it with her talent, throws skill into the mix, and that is what lands her all of her amazing star roles in movies. Her most successful movies are easily There Is Something About Mary, and Charlies Angels; when most people think of Cameron Diaz these are the movies that come to their minds.


4. Sandra Bullock $85 Million

The legendary Miss Congeniality makes her way onto the top 5 richest actresses list with a very nice net worth of $85 Million. This actress, just like many others, began her career wiThe Proposal Single Disc DVD 2009Credit: Amazon.comth a few small roles in minor movies; however, the producers and directors were soon to notice her talent, skill, and amazing look, and allowed her to audition for some larger roles. Her talent dominated the film industry, and this trend continued throughout her career. She has starred in movies such as Miss Congeniality, Miss Congeniality 2, and Two Weeks Notice; moreover, these movies reached unbelievable levels of success, which ultimately contributed to her being on the top 5 richest actresses list.


3. Jennifer Aniston $ 110 Million

You may remember this actress from her dates with Ross, talks with Joey, and time wiJust Go With It DVD 2011Credit: Amazon.comth Monica throughout her many seasons on the hit television show Friends. Jennifer Aniston jumps past the halfway point on the list of the top 5 richest actresses with a net worth that will make entire cities jealous! This gorgeous actress combines a unique look with incredible acting talent to create a combination that cannot be messed with. Her portfolio consists of the television show Friends, as well as movies such as Bruce Almighty, and The Breakup; these shows and films have become increasingly popular and have definitely contributed to her being on the top 5 richest actresses list.


2. Jennifer Lopez $110 Million

Although her entire net worth cannot be attributed to her acting career, a good chunk of the reason that she made it onto this list of the top 5 richest actresses is because she is an uThe Wedding Planner DVD Cover Richest ActressesCredit: Amazon.comnbelievable actress with talent that cannot be replicated. Originally seeing her success in singing through the release and sales of multi-platinum albums, Jennifer Lopez soon found out that she would like to try her foot in acting. Through music videos, appearances on talk shows, and guest staring in various television shows, her talent was already showcased, and no argument needed to be made. With immediate success with movies such as Rebirth, and The Wedding Planner she was destined to be a successful actress. Although her entire net worth is not from acting, a large part of the reason that she made it onto the list of the top 5 richest actresses was because of her showcased talent as an actress.


1. Julia Roberts $140 Million

This legendary "pretty woman" has topped the list of the top 5 richest actresses with a net worth that even the wealthiest people in the world would drop their jaw to. Julia Roberts has deEat pray Love Theatrical And Extended Cut DVDCredit: Amazon.comveloped quite a large portfolio over her acting career that consists of many hit movies; starring in movies such as Pretty Woman, Mona Lisa Smiles has definitely helped her success. Although Julia Roberts lives a fairly relaxed lifestyle now, I am sure that she had many sleepless nights when reading the scripts and rehearsing to these hit movies. All of her hard work, dedication, and belief definitely paid off as she has accumulated enough of a net worth from her acting career to allow her to lead the board of the top 5 richest actresses. You should take a look on Amazon for the lowest prices on all of Julia Roberts’ movies.


These top 5 richest actresses have accumulated a net worth that reaches well over half of a billion dollars when combined. Their success can be attributed to dedication, hard work, prayers, and belief, mixed with a touch of the luck of getting their talent noticed. There are many actresses out there that are just as talented as these ladies on the top 5 richest actresses list, but are unfortunately not lucky enough to be recognized. It is important to remember that patience is a virtue, and that if you do not give up, it will surely come around your way. Will you be the next actress to lead the board of the top 5 richest actresses?