With so many artists in the music industry rapping about their Bentleys, jewellery, and 5 story houses it is hard to tell who is telling the truth, and who is simply saying it to enhance the song; which of these rappers have actually acquired a large enough net worth to make it onto the top 5 richest rappers list? It seems like every single music video has at least 2 cars that are worth over 200,000 dollars; the real question is: which of these rap artists was rich enough to buy them, and which were forced to rent them? Being a popular rap artist definitely has its perks, and making a lot of money can definitely be one of them. You are about to find out who the 5 richest rappers are, and how they acquired their millions. Forbes magazine has provided the public with a list of the top 5 richest rappers in 2009 of the richest rappers and their net worth, and this article will take that list and expand it to include how these richest rappers have reached their phenomenal net worths. Not all of the richest rappers on this list have made all of their money from rapping, some have record labels, various investments, and other lucrative companies; however, rapping is where they started and what has built the foundation for their millions. All of these richest rappers have found different ways of increasing their net worth up to this heightened level; however, as you will see, they have all started at the bottom of the ladder and worked their way up.

5. Russell Simmons 325 Million

Russell Simmons makes it onto the top 5 richest rappers list at number 5 with a solid net worth of 325 Million.  Russell Simmons can currently be seen on television promoting the pre-paid credit card called the Rush Card; however, that is not how this rapper’s path to millions beganRussell Simmons Higher Self Series-Hip Hop Laws To SuccessCredit: Amazon.com. Russell, along with Rick Rubin, founded this multi-million dollar company back in 1984 as a way to break into the hip hop and rap industry. Def jams most successful album was The Beastie Boys’ Licensed To Ill. With many of rap and hip hops best known names such as The Beastie Boys, Beanie Sigel, DMX, Funkmaster Flex, LL Cool J, and Warren G, this was a business adventure that definitely turned out successful. However, this recording label was only the beginning of Russell’s entrepreneurial ways; the Rush Card, Phat Farm clothing, Def Comedy Jam television show, and Run Athletics soon followed. Russell Simmons took the millions that he had made with his break into the rap and hip hop world, and used it to fund his company named Rush Communications, which includes all of the listed components; all of those combined allowed him to make a net worth for himself that is unreachable by many, and make it onto this list. 

4. Jay Z 360 Million

Shawn Corey Carter, also known as Jay Z, rolls onto the top 5 richest rappers list at nuJay Z-The Blueprint CD Explicit LyricsCredit: Amazon.commber 4 with a fabulous net worth of 360 Million. Jay Z had also began as a rapper simply trying to make ends meet; however, his desire to be an entrepreneur dominated his desires, and allowed him to accumulate a net worth that is respected throughout the industry.  A good chunk of jay Z’s effort can easily be attributed to his most successful album entitled Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life. Jay Z owns a part of the famous 40/40 Club, successful New Jersey Nets, and is the founder of the widely worn clothing line Rocawear.  Don`t be misinformed though, as Jay Z`s rapping career has made him more than wealthy and famous enough; boasting nearly 45 million albums sold, and ten Grammy awards won, jay Z needs no introduction.  Jay Z began as a rapper making hundreds of thousands, and is currently one of the wealthiest business owners in the world with a net worth that is getting closer to half of a billion dollars every day!

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3. Diddy 380 Million

Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, almost reaches the middle of the top 5 richest rappers list with a whopping net worth of 380 Million! Diddy, formerly known as Puff Daddy and P Diddy, currently Diddy Dirty Money-Last Train To Paris CDCredit: Amazon.comdominates the rap industry while still maintaining his record label and clothing line. He began as a poor rapper trying to make it in the industry, and now is worth more than entire cities!  He owns the famous recording label named Bad Boy Records, and clothing line named Sean John. Bad Boy Records, in its young life, signed famous names such as Notorious B.I.G, and Craig Mack; their roots can be traced back to this record company. Diddy’s most successful album that he had released as a rapper was No Way Out. Like Jay Z, Diddys musical career was also very lucrative and successful; in possession of three Grammy awards, and 2 MTV Music Video awards, Diddys trophy case is anything but empty.  From a successful rapper, to a lucrative entrepreneur, Diddy earns his way onto the richest rappers list at number 4!

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2. 50 Cent 480 Million

Curtis Jackson, also known by his rapper alias of 50 Cent, almost leads the top 5 richest rappers list with an astonishing 480 Million! 50 Cent earned his first dollars as a drug dealer; however, when50 Cent-Get Rich or Die Tryin CD Cover Explicit Lyrics(53322)Credit: Amazon.com good things went bad, he realized that he had to earn them in legal ways if he wanted to keep them.  And so his rapping career began; his first record entitled Get Rich Or Die Tryin has been one of the most successful boasting 15 million copies sold! After realizing that he had an eye for talent, he tried his talents in the recording industry by creating the multi-million dollar company named G-Unit Records; signing famous names such as Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck was a very crucial move for the success of G-Unit Records.  After the recording label had made a name for itself, 50 Cent began his famous clothing line named G-Unit Clothing; with people both listening to, and wearing 50 Cents creations, it is easy to see how he his net worth is so large.  

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1.    Master P 660 Million

Master P leads the richest rappers list with a phenomenal net worth of nearly 600 Million!  Percy Miller, also known as Master P, is literally the richest rapper alive, and for that reason leads the top 5 richest rappers list. He is known for his classic rags to riches life story.  He had released 5 albums before receiving his first platinum certification on his album entitled Ice Cream Man.  HeMaster P-MP Da Last Don CD MusicCredit: Amazon.com had not been successful until he had been unsuccessful for a while; this dedication continued after this success, and eventually led to him leading the top 5 richest rappers list.  From his first hit record entitled Get Away Clean, to his many current businesses, Master P has always been a go-getter. His most successful album release can be considered to be MP Da Last Don with its 4 time platinum certification. His first few hit songs definitely gave him a reputation in the hip hop and rap industry, and made him his first few millions; however, it was his entrepreneurial ways that turned those initial millions into hundreds of millions.  As the owner of No Limit Records, No Limit Clothing, No Limit Films, No Limit Sports Management he has definitely kept himself busy. Born in the projects of New Orleans, master P’s success story provides many individuals with motivation that nearly anything is possible. 

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The rappers on this top 5 richest rappers list didn’t make every single dollar from rapping into a microphone, however, their roots can definitely be traced back to writing down lyrics in their bedrooms.  Their success can be attributed to a mixture of perseverance, luck, dedication, prayers, and belief; there is no doubt that this could have happened if they had not have tried so hard.  The accumulation of net worths this large definitely did not happen overnight, and they have done it in a “slowly but surely” manner; nonetheless, the extent to which they increase their net worths is up to their discretion. Forbes magazine has provided the public with a list of the richest rappers of all time; this article takes that richest rappers list, and expands it to explain the ways in which the rappers have made it onto this list.