Top 5 Romantic Sydney Spots (17692)

While in Sydney, Australia, you will find that the people are friendly, the beer and liquor is always flowing, and, most of all, the city has some of the most beautiful and romantic spots in the world.

Australia tends to be overlooked when it comes to romantic destinations. Sure, Paris has the Eiffel Tower and New York has Central Park, but neither has the multitude of romantic locations as Sydney. The following are the Top 5 spots to go on a date, watch the sunrise and sunset, and have a picnic with someone special in Sydney.
Bondi Sunrise
5 - Sunrise at Bondi Beach - It's quiet in the cove. There are a few surfers heading out early. There are just a handful of people strolling the walkways nearby. You and your special someone awoke early and headed to the Bondi. You two sit there as the sun rises slightly to the north over the house at the north end peak of the cove. The rays hit you and the warmth breaks the chill of the morning breeze. Now only if time could pause this moment.

Sunrise at Bondi Beach is well worth the early morning rise and trek to about 10-15 miles from cite center. Bring a camera or just enjoy the moment.

4 - Dinner at Sydney Harbour - Many may have expected this to be near the top of the list. Despite not being at the top, this still holds a special opportunity to bring romance from a big city perspective right to the calmness of the harbor.

Needless to say, Sydney Harbor has plenty of restaurants to choose from. For the higher priced meals with a tad bit of elegance, head to the restaurants at the Sydney Harbor Cruise Terminal. This area has some of the nicest restaurants in all of Sydney. A short stroll around the harbor will take you to the Sydney Opera House where you can find a more relaxing feel and dine while overlooking the harbor towards the Bridge.

3 - Picnic at Darling Harbour - For those looking for a more comfortable and laid back romantic Darling Harbourdate, pack a lunch or visit one of the many restaurants that line Darling Harbour. Darling Harbour provides a multicultural feel with food from every part of the world. Either sit on the built in steps that surround the entire harbour or bring a blanket and enjoy the cool shade on the grass.

Whatever you do, make sure to keep your food close to you. The pesky birds of the Harbour are professional thieves.

2 - Sydney Bridge Climb at Dusk - This may break the budget for two, but if one can afford the Bridge Climbroughly $375 American for two people to take the climb, it is a must. Check the schedule provided at their site or call ahead and try and get a time that will have you heading up before dusk and coming down in the dark. This provides spectacular views of all of Sydney as the sun is setting to the west and the lit up Harbour as you descend.

View from Mrs Macquaries Chair (17689)1 - Sunset at Mrs. Macquarie's Chair - Hands down the most calming and romantic place in all of Sydney is Mrs. Macquarie's Chair.

Nestled into a hand carved sandstone, it provides panoramic views of the Harbour including Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, downtown Sydney and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Words cannot explain the beauty of watching the sunset over Sydney.