Scrapbooking Ideas That Make It Fun Again

Scrapbooking is an old hobbyCredit: Tulane Public Relations

If you often wonder how to make scrapbooking more fun, then here is some good news for you. The following paragraphs will elaborate on 5 scrapbooking ideas that will make your scrapbook look interesting and unique. 

# 1- Although it is not necessary to mat each and every photo, if you want the primary photo to stand out then you may want to mat that photo. Since a white border looks great for the focal picture, ask your photo lab to add this background to the selected photo. If you want to add a little excitement to your scrapbooking project then tilt the photos while sticking them as they will give an illusion of movement. You can also draw horizontal lines next to the pictures to strengthen the illusion of movement. 

# 2- While using photos with a white border, you can either use a subtle color for the background or you can opt for a color contrast scheme. While using a color contrast scheme, use safe colors like red with black or red with white. At times green with orange also makes an interesting color contrast scheme, but this will depend on the shades of the colors used. 

# 3- To make your scrapbook look unique, try to pair colored photos with black and white photos. You can also mix and match fonts, but make sure that you use bold fonts with bright colors since this will make your scrapbook look very interesting. As far as possible, avoid dull colors like gray and navy blue, instead use pastel colors and florescent colors if they appeal to you. While experimenting with scrapbooking, remember to first try the ideas on a rough paper first and then try the same idea on the final paper only when you are sure that the design or idea you have chosen looks good. 

#4 – Don’t toss away your soda caps since while scrapbooking you can use these caps as buckle on your ribbons. If you want to make things even more interesting, then you can sand down the edges of these caps and paint them to match the colors of your ribbons. These caps can also be used the same way with colored paper strips. 

#5 – If you run out of ribbons while you are scrapbooking then you can cut strips of cloth and use them instead. Make sure to add sequences or other decorations while using this technique since by adding decorations these strips of cloth will look very attractive.