The purpose of perfume is to enrich the wearer's beauty and make him or her feel like they smell desirable. Women love to feel this way, especially if their man notices what they smell like and compliment them! To be one of the sexiest perfumes for women it must be bold, seductive, sexy, and unforgettable! There are many brands that product top-notch sexy perfumes for women, but this guide will show you some of the top ranked sexiest perfumes for women available!

A tip for buying a sexy perfume for women for your woman is to look on her dresser and see what she likes. You might then want to slyly ask about her collection and see which one she feels is the sexiest perfume. This will always be a good tip for finding what the women really wants or you can check out my guide for the sexiest perfumes for women.

This guide will allow you to see the sexiest perfumes for women out there, and I am sure you have heard of some of them. I can't guarantee that she will love any of these sexy perfumes for women, but these are some of the sexiest perfumes for women on the market, so go out, give a smell, and pick the one that you know she will love!

Gucci by Gucci

Top 5 Sexiest Perfumes for Women

Coco Chanel's No. 5 for Women

This sexy perfume for women is truly a classic. It has been around for years and is very clean and sophisticated. This captures for soul of women femininity and was named No. 5 because that was Coco Chanel's luck number. This scent truly has been appreciated and worn for years and will go down as one of the sexiest perfumes and scents to ever grace this Earth.

Calvin Klein's Obsession For Women

This perfume should come with an official warning. This sexy perfume for women is some seriously sexy mature stuff. Don't wear this unless you want men practically drooling after you. Very sensual and lasting, this is a rare beauty that will make seducing that lucky guy an ease.

Ralph Lauren's Romance for Women

This women's fragrance evokes the timeless essence of falling in love. Imagine that woman from high school that had it all: the looks, the clothes, the smarts, everything. She most likely wore the sexy perfume Romance. With the smell of velvety woods, extravagant florals, and a seductive musk, how could this scent not be in our top 5 sexiest perfumes for women?

Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue for Women

This Italian brand has international fame that cannot be subsided. This scent is perfect for all times of the year, but leans more towards summer wear. This scent has the reputation for smelling fresh and very flirty. With a clean fresh smell that stays on you all day, this sexy perfume for women is one that cannot be denied a place on your vanity.

Gucci's Gucci for Women

If you had to name a season for this sexy perfume, I would tell you to wear it primarily in the fall. Don't be overcome with its powerful beginning because it can be quite strong, but give it ten minutes and you will quickly fall in love with your new sexy perfume. This is high quality stuff that will leave your senses dizzy and will make your victims fall to your will.

Go Get You a Sexy Bottle of Perfume for Women!

These are some of the sexiest perfumes for women in the world. If you are a man, don't be afraid to spend a little money to really get your lover what could possibly be her favorite scent of all time. These sexy perfumes will never die down and will leave a legacy that none soon forget.