The shooting guard is the most important position in all of basketball. Not only does the shooting guard score but they also have to play defense on the other teams opposing guards which also makes their job harder. If they can nail the 3-point shot which helps spread out the offense and make the post players do their job as well. Without further ado the top 5 shooting guards in the NBA:


5. Joe Johnson – Johnson may not be scoring as well as he had in other years with an average that is slightly over 17 points. That could mean his shooting his slipping, but also maybe his teammates are getting better and he might not need the ball as much. Even though he is not scoring as high he can still fill it up in a hurry and has a deadly 3-pt shot which his huge for a shooting guard.


4. Brandon Roy – He probably will not be on any of these lists for much longer since his recent knee injury but for the first quarter of this season he was an elite shooting guard for the Blazers. Like Johnson above he did not average many points at about 17, but he can still be deadly from the field. Sometimes he is regarded as a slight downgrade or a less flashy version of Dwayne Wade, but he gets the job done in Portland.


3. Eric Gordon – Gordon gets the nod over Roy because of Roy's latest injury. Gordon looks like he is going to fit into the number two option in LA behind Blake Griffin. Last year when Griffin was not playing he was the number one option which probably elevated his game quicker. He is averaging more than 23 points and 4 assists this year. Even though he may be number one in LA right now Griffin is slowly taking over the primary option, but with Baron Davis feeding Gordon you know that he is going to have a good year in LA.


2. Dwayne Wade – Its hard to tell who the number one option is is in Miami because on some night it's Lebron and on other nights it is Wade, but when he is averaging a little under 25 points he is still a good number two even if he isn't the go to man in Miami any more. I put him below our number one because he is not the main go to option on his team like Kobe is on the Lakers.


1. Kobe Bryant – It was either Kobe or Wade in the last two slots. Even though Kobe is 31 and has way more than 1100 games on his body. He is old, but he is still scoring like a champ and is averaging more than 25 points at this point in the season. Although his stats are probably dipping slowly he is still the most elite shooting guard in the NBA right now.