Making money with adsense can be a liberating, baffling and maddeningly frustrating experience. At first it's enough to study everything you can just to get a grasp on the basics of this exciting online publisher's program, but once you have the hang of it and start seeing little trickles of money coming in, making the transition from beginner to intermediate adsense publisher can be tricky.

Here is a round-up of my favorite 5 sites for learning advanced adsense strategies and online publishing best practices. These informative adsense websites are goldmines of information, and will reward anyone who has the patience and motivation to sift through them and soak up all the valuable insight they have on offer. Let's check out the sites:

Best Sites for Learning to Increase Your Adsense Income #1 -

Many of you are already familiar with, Pat Flynn's lifestyle blog about online entrepreneurship. There are a few things about Pat and his blog that make this one a special site. For one thing, Pat has been praised for his transparency.

He will walk you step by step through how to start earning extra adsense income from Youtube, for example, and will give up all his best tricks for free. Whereas many other internet marketing gurus charge for their knowledge and reserve their best tactics for paying customers, Pat puts everything out in the open so you can learn as much as possible.

When discuss affiliate links, for instance, Pat reveals that his highest converting page is his "Resources" page and that announcing which links on your site are affiliate links helps to build trust with your readership.

If you haven't already checked out Smartpassiveincome, I highly recommend you do. Pat has some great pillar posts on backlinking, niche site creation, keyword research, content production, and much more.

If nothing else, reading everything he has on offer will put you squarely in the mind of a successful internet marketer and put you on the right track to start boosting your adsense revenue. Pat's site will also save you time by showing you what works, if you happen to be floundering in the dark with little idea how to improve your adsense income.

Best Adsense Learning Sites #2 -

Flipping websites refers to the practice of building up complete and successful websites and then turning around and selling them for immediate cash profit. Regardless of whether this particular business model interests you, Justin and Joe at have a lot to say about the practice of creating, backlinking and ranking niche sites from scratch. Their tips can definitely help you improve your adsense revenue, even if you are primarily dealing with authority websites (larger, content-rich websites.)

In fact, they specialize in "micro-niche" sites. These are smaller and super-specific websites centered around certain products or services that are well targeted for ideal adsense earnings.

The other thing I like about Justin and Joe's site is that they don't only go into making good money with adsense, they also dispel a lot of the myths circulating the "adsense lifestyle" and show exactly how much grunt work and how many long hours go into building up passive income streams.

With long, detailed and information-rich pillar posts on a variety of subjects pertaining to niche website building, is definitely worth a look.

Increase Your Adsense Resource Site #3 - is Michael Gray's personal and industry blog that is centered around everything internet marketing, search engines, affiliate sales and adsense. What I particularly like about Michael's site is that his posts have a pulse- there's some attitude to his work and at times it's just what the doctor ordered.

Michael will explain, for example, that it doesn't matter how pretty or customized your graphically-intense website is: if you want high adsense conversions you need a simple and clean layout that allows you visitors to see adsense blocks and their text clearly and without a lot of background noise.

He has series of posts explaining how you can improve your adsense performance that explore subjects like adsense optimization techniques, fitting your ad block sizes and colors to your content, and even tweaking your content over time to better suit your audience as determined by analytics. If you haven't already seen, give it a look.

The Best Adsense Information Websites #4 -

Darren Rowse of is one of the original gangsters of blogging for serious profit - to the tune of making a full-time income doing it. While Darren doesn't solely focus on adsense earnings anymore, he has a bunch of great posts detailing his experiences with improving adsense revenue over time and what has actually worked for him.

The nice thing about Darren's posts is that they read well as stories of his own experience - you can see the thinking processes and trials behind his journey to improved adsense revenue on his network of sites. Definitely worth a read for anyone using adsense on their own small or large websites.

The Top 5 'Improve Your Adsense' Sites #5 - is an authority industry site that covers a wide variety of topics from keyword research to technical webmaster topics and, of course, optimizing your google adsense placements. features a rich collection of adsense tips articles that will help you deepen your knowledge of the program as well as a good range of topics for beginners, intermediate publishers and the advanced amongst us. is worth a look if you have already given the other major channels of adsense improvement information a thorough read-through. The writing style on Selfseo is more information rich than personal, but that works just fine for its subject matter. By reading Selfseo, you'll also come away with a deeper appreciation for adsense from an industry-wide perspective. A lot of these adsense optimization posts feature "big-picture" thinking that takes into account the entire publishing 'ecosystem' comprised of advertisers, google, and publishers like you and me who are looking to improve their earnings.