Snow Skiing For Beginners Is Not Easy, But It Can Be Done

I was 30 years old the first time I skied.  My parents became avid snow skiers after I left for college, and a few years ago I was finally able to make it on a ski vacation with them.  I was a little apprehensive about going at first since I wasn't all that interested to begin with, but I was finally convinced to try it out.  And I loved it.  But I didn't love it at first.  Snow skiing for beginners is not fun at all.  Halfway through my first day I was ready to quit at lunchtime and call it a day.  I couldn't get the technique down and the boots were killing my feet.  However, after getting past my own pity party, I bounced back, had a great time, and have enjoyed every ski trip since then.

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I still am just a novice snow skier, but for people that want to start snow skiing, here are 5 tips that helped me become a better skier.

Skiing Tip For Beginners #1 - Take A Lesson

Taking a skiing lesson was the best thing I did.  I'm an athletic person so I thought that skiing would just come naturally to me.  Wrong.  The first time I got on the slopes by myself I thought I needed to assume the skiing position I had always seen during the Olympics.  The little kids on the bunny hill did not appreciate my ignorance as I narrowly missed them. 

Finally I took a lesson, got down the basics of how to control the skis, and never looked back.  Lessons aren't necessarily cheap, but a simple hour lesson, for whatever the cost, will make your ski trip much more fun.

Skiing Tip For Beginners #2 - Find Good Equipment

Before you can hit the slopes you have to find your skis, boots, poles, and other ski equipment.  Try to rent equipment from a place that will be patient with you and talk you through your equipment rental.  Ski boots are going to be very uncomfortable at first, and it is a big help if the person you are renting from will tell you if your discomfort is normal or if you need a new boot. 

Also, you do not want skis that are too advanced for you so make sure you get skis that will give you the ability to stay under control and not go too fast.  Most ski shops I have been to are good about this, but I would err on the side of getting skis that are too basic than getting skis that will have you flying down the hill faster than you want to go.

Skiing Tip For Beginners #3 - Go With Someone Who Is Patient

If you are the only beginning skier in your group you might feel that you are slowing everyone else down.  That is why it is good to go with someone who will ski with you on the small hills and help you through the experience.  It is helpful if they can stay with you until you get a basic hang of it.  Once that happens you will be more confident and they can go ski the bigger hills.  But if you are spending your time with someone who is making it obvious that they want to be somewhere else, both of you will get frustrated.  Which leads me to...

Skiing Tip For Beginners #4 - Don't Get Frustrated

Skiing is supposed to be fun.  After all, you are spending a small fortune just to have access to the lifts.  You do not want to spend that time mad or frustrated.  Know going in that there will be a learning curve, and do your best to have a good attitude.  Your feet will hurt and you will be falling down a bunch, but if you remember to laugh it off and have a good time, you and everyone you are with will leave not being able to wait until the next time you go.

Skiing Tip For Beginners #5 - Stick To The Easy Hills At First

The first time you go skiing you probably will not have any trouble sticking to the easy hills.  But eventually you will get bored with them and want to move to something more advanced.  There's nothing wrong with that at all.  Just make sure you are ready to move up, and make sure you understand the map of the ski trails.  The worst thing that can happen is to accidentally end up on a hill that is way more advanced than what you are ready for.  There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself to try a more difficult slope, just make sure you are ready before you make that leap.

Skiing is a blast, and it is a great way to spend time with friends and family.  If you make sure you are prepared you will have a fantastic time.