Slippers are a fantastic addition to any man’s wardrobe; they’re comfortable, they’re traditional and you cannot beat the quality.

It is an easy misconception, however, to assume that shopping for slippers is easy: it’s a “walk-in, slip-out” job surely?

Oh no, no - with the variety of styles and colours on the market it is easy to become confused.

But fret not, here is the countdown for the best 5 types of slipper ever.


#5 - (Fleece Lined) Leather Mules

The Mule is probably the most recognisable style of slipper in the modern age, although they were actually designed during the Ancient Roman era.

Defined by it’s backless design, this classic slipper allows your feet to breathe.  It oozes style and comfort from toe to bare heel.

Trying to move energetically in these slippers is no mean feat. Leather slippers are great, but of you are looking for a little more luxury, nothing says comfort quite like ‘fleece lined’.

Fluffy Mule Slippers
Credit: Celtic and Co

#4 - Moccasins


Pair o Moccasins
Credit: Tumblr

A true leather slipper through and through, the Moccasin was originally an ingenious invention by the Native Americans.

As hunters and big recyclers, they found a purpose for the tough, leftover skin (yum) of their catch that was too inflexible to use as clothing and so created a durable slipper.

Move over, Gok Wan! A testament to its lasting style, the Moccasin’s basic design continues to be utilised today.

#3 - The slipper formerly known as Prince (Albert)

Albert Slippers
Credit: Gentleman's Gazette

Oozing luxury, the Albert - designed by Prince Albert himself during the Victorian era - provides a touch of regal class whilst boasting to be the most comfortable slipper in the world.

This style was originally reserved for state occasions and has been a staple style for decades.

For those men that consider themselves a ‘Bouquet’ rather than a ‘Bucket’, the Albert is most definitely for you.

#2 - Grecians

Grecian Slippers
Credit: Clifford James

This classic style is a product of a more relaxed Edwardian Gentleman’s Era, where leisure time was on the top of the to-do list.

Sleek in style, these snug slippers are also among the most practical. Is there anything more that you really need from a slipper?

#1 - Twin Gusset slippers



Twin Gusset Slippers
Credit: Clifford James Blog

The twin gusset is a fairly modern addition to the modest slipper in order to allow more durability and wear-ability.

Indulging in a pair of twin gusset slippers is alike to making a friend for a great deal of time; through wind and rain you will continue to be together in harmony.

Purchasing a pair of these in leather to boost their functionality and comfort.