When it comes to eating Japanese food in Victoria there is an abundance of restaurants that vary from extremely tailored to careless. Knowing where to go could make or break your night, especially if your time here is limited by cruise ship and travel deadlines. Here is a list of my top five Japanese Restaurants in the city.

5. Futaba Sushi - The food at Futaba Sushi is always consistent. I recommend the noodle soups and brown rice sushi rolls because they are delicious. The chefs are very accommodating with request's you might have and it is located not too far from downtown, which is convenient. Definitely a good choice.

Location: 1420 Quadra Street 

4. Japanese Village - The showboat of Jaanese Restaurants. The price is high, but the show your receiving at the center of your 'Teppanyaki table' is great for that first date or entertaining little ones. My two year old son loves it there because of the fun and interactive show they put on while cooking your dinner right before your eyes. 

Location: 734 Broughton St

3. Azuma Sushi - It is a visually appealing restaurant with a vast menu selection. Azuma is for the sushi roll lover. Their selection of rolls is second to none when options are considered. I do recommend this restaurant if your going in a large group, the restaurant itself is very large with a nice bar and great booths, which can seat 6-8 comfortably making for great conversation and of course, sharing! 

Location: 615 Yates St

2. Shiki Sushi - For the all you can eat fan! This place was my favourite for the longest time. They have a great all you can eat menu for under $30 between 6-8 pm. Both all-you-can-eat and the normal menu are really well thought out and taste great. Having the option for all you can eat sashimi is mind blowing! I have dreams about unlimited sashimi and this is where I go! The only critique I have on Shiki Sushi is that the service is very hit or miss. 

Location: 1113 Blanshard St

1. Shizen Sushi - Now when it comes to Japanese dining in Victoria B.C., Shizen is my absolute favorite. Best Japanese cuisine with a great atmosphere and a stellar sushi bar. The chefs make it look easy. The venue itself is nice and intimate with a perfect amount of seating and friendly, fast service. Over-all experience here has been above standard always.

 Location: 1706 Government St

Bonus Points

Kyubey Sushi in Esquimalt just recently opened. It has by far the best sashimi in the Capital region because of the quality and pride they take in acquiring and preparing only the best food for their customers. I've never had better salmon sashimi personally and the rolls are killer.  They recently opened in July of 2014 and I strongly recommend eating here. They also have a great wall behind the sushi bar of "Jiro dreams of Sushi"...Amazing! Kyubey is slowly becoming my new favourite Japanese restaurant.  

Location: 612 Head St



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