Choosing the Best Tablet Computer

Review of the Top Tablets on the Market

Technology moves so fast it's hard to keep up and if you are one of the many who are looking to buy a new tablet but don't know which one to choose and hate all the technical jargon that is used to describe each tablet pc then you can find an easy to understand guide to the top 5 tablets for 2013 below.

There are some features that it really is important to know when you are purchasing a tablet and some that you don't. The first thing you should do is decide what you need a tablet for. Each tablet described below will explain the different features available, what they can do and what features are not included on a need to know basis.

There are many features that are available in all tablets such as the ability to send and receive emails, browse the internet, download apps and so on. What you need to know are the extras, the features that will help you to decide if a particular tablet is the right one for you and that is what you will find below.

No 1. The New iPad Mini

Best Overall Tablet for 2013

The iPad mini is one of the top 5 tablets for 2013. It was first released in November 2012, so it's one of the latest tablets on the market.

The popularity of the iPad is due to the fact that it's safe and easy to use. Most people are familiar with some type of product from Apple like the iPhone but even if you have never picked up a smartphone in your life, the iPad is pretty easy to use.

It runs on iOS, Apples own software and unlike Android, Apple are quite choosy about the applications they allow in their app store. What this means is that if you download an app it will work at least 99% of the time. This does not happen with android tablets because unlike the iPad, Android is designed to run on many different makes and models of tablets all with different spec's and capabilities.

Another reason the the iPad mini is a great choice is because it works, Apple's products are quality and that's why they are so popular. 

Some of the Features of the iPad Mini

  • Thousands of Apps (free and paid) to choose from including games, educational apps, music and more.
  • Download music from iTunes direct on your tablet or transfer music from iTunes on your pc.
  • Pre installed email app for all your email accounts.
  • Pre installed web browser
  • Access You Tube, Email, Take and edit photos and HD videos, access maps etc
  • Make video calls over wifi or cellular network
  • Print photos, documents etc to a wifi printer
  • Watch movies and read your books with the Kindle app
  • 10 Hour battery so less charging

The iPad mini is a great choice for anyone who want's a tablet that can do everyday tasks like sending emails, watching videos, taking photos, listening to music and playing games.

There are three different versions available, 16 gb, 32 gb and 64 gb.  For most users 16 gb is enough but if you have a lot of music and videos you may want more storage.


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Apple iPad Mini MD528LL/A (16GB, Wi-Fi, Black & Slate)
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No 2. Kindle Fire Tablet

Best Family Friendly Tablet

The Kindle Fire is a popular choice with families and especially with parents who are looking for a safe tablet for their kids to use.

The Kindle Fire is a budget 7 inch tablet that runs on a special version of Android. There are many plusses to choosing a Kindle but the main bonus, aside from the technical capabilities is the family friendly options available.

Kindle Fire users can have several user accounts like you would on your home PC and this allows parents to make an account for each of their children using a subscription to Kindle Freetime unlimited, a kid friendly customized version of the tablet that allows your kids access to the child friendly games, movies, popular tv shows and more all in a safe environment.

And for the parents they can access their usual Kindle Fire account where they can do everything you would expect from a tablet from email to surf the web, read books, watch movies, play games and download apps.

If you are looking for a family tablet that everyone can use, the Kindle Fire is without a doubt the best tablet for you.

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No 3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Customer Favorite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is the next most popular 7 inch tablet on the market and is a top seller on Amazon at a budget price. I have previously owned this tablet and overall it had the most features I wanted in a tablet for everyday use. My top choice was an iPad but the Galaxy Tab was more affordable at the time.

The tablet feels sturdy compared to other tablets and you get all the features you would expect from email to videos, games, apps, music and more. I read my Kindle books on it too. I liked the camera on this tablet and overall was pretty pleased with it. 

For general use the Galaxy tab 2 is a great choice that offers much of what the iPad does at a smaller price tag. 

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No 4. Google Nexus 7 Tab from Asus

The Google Nexus tablet has great specs and is the tablet I currently own. It's an extremely popular tablet that runs on Android and it is fast and responsive. 

Feature wise the Nexus has almost everything you would expect and is smooth to use. However I was disappointed that it didn't have a rear facing camera for taking photos which for me was pretty important. If you don't need a camera then the Nexus is a pretty good choice, especially if you use the chrome browser and have a google account.

On the negative side, the tablet itself feels a bit flimsy to me, the back of the tablet is a type of plastic. It's light and it does make it easier to hold but also feels less sturdy.

Personally I would choose the cheaper Samsung Galaxy tab 2, it may not have the specs of the Nexus for those of you who want great specs but it's less expensive and will do all the daily tasks most people need.


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No 5. Zeepad 7.0 Android Tablet

Budget Tablet

Most lists would never include the Zeepad but it is a bestseller on Amazon. The specs won't amaze you compared to the other tablets in this list but at an extremely low price this is a very affordable tablet that would be ideal for anyone who needs a tablet for basic uses, for studying or schoolwork.

It runs on Android, features wifi, a camera, apps, you tube, email, music and support for Skype. Memory can be expanded with an SD card up to 32 gb and more.

For a budget tablet the Zeepad actually offers a lot, it won't be as fast as the high spec tablets but if you are looking for something affordable that can do everything you need, this is it.

Zeepad 7.0 Allwinnwer Tablet