The Five Greatest Theme Parks in the World

1. Tokyo Disneyland

At the top of the top 5 theme park list is Tokyo Disneyland which can be found near Tokyo, Japan in the prefecture of Chiba within the city of Urayasu.

While each of Disneys' theme parks have a certain appeal, Tokyo Disneyland is one of its more interesting ones. This particular Disneyland is on 115 acres of land. Adjacent from the gates of this fun vacation spot is the Maihama Station and the Tokyo Disneyland Station so that it is easy to get to and from the area on public transportation.

This is the only Disneyland along side Tokyo Disneysea which are not owned by The Walt Disney Company. It is instead owned by The Oriental Land Company which licenses the theme from from The Walt Disney Company.

With its eight themed areas throughout the park, there's something for everyone looking to have a good time. It's a place for the whole family to enjoy. However for many who live outside of Japan and who may not be able to afford airfare as well as the cost of a hotel room and the entrance to the theme park, other Disney theme parks nearby can be just as entertaining.

2. Cedar Point

Next up, falling into the number two slot of the top 5 theme parks is a fun one found in Sandusky, Ohio, USA known as Cedar Point. The theme park has been around since 1870 and its mascot is from the Peanuts which others may know better as Charlie Brown, Snoopy the dog.

Cedar Point has several fun rides for every age, although this theme park is not without its causalities in the past. This may lead many to be overly cautious of those rides which have in the past managed to claim a life despite the parks best efforts to better their safety plans.

No ride anywhere is without risk, but one should still be cautious and find out information about each ride before deciding to get on. It's one thing for thrill seekers to take a ride on something fast and wild, but quite another to risk their life on a ride which has in the past taken a life, especially if its been more than one life without the safety features being up-to-date since then.

Every ride at Cedar Point is fun, although some have a speed or lack thereof for individuals seeking a particular pace. However there isn't just the fun rides, but the food is good, there is a number of areas to find neat little souvenirs and of course games to play to try and win something. Now if one goes there and is asked if they'd like a person to guess either their age, weight or birth-date one should always go with the birth-date. It's easier to tell ones age or weight range unless one looks really young or one is muscular, but has clothes on which doesn't show it. The birth-date range however is easier to miss if they guess more than two months away.

3. Galaxyland

Another fun theme park would have to be Galaxyland found in the province of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is one theme park which instead of being outside like a traditional theme park, its inside instead. Galaxyland can be found inside West Edmonton Mall. Originally it was called Fantasyland, but due to a lawsuit, because The Walt Disney Company was already using the name for one of their theme lands in a number of their other theme parks.

Galaxyland became the official name of the theme park inside West Edmonton Mall on July 1, 1995. With the change of the theme parks name came new rides based on a space age theme.

Galaxyland was not without at least one incident where lives were taken. It happened in June of 1986 when the train crashed at high speeds into a concrete pillar, resulting in the death of three of the riders on the Mindbender – which is the world's tallest at 14 stories and longest indoor roller coaster - after a wheel sheared off the last car of the train. Because of this incident there has been a number of safety improvements and safety checks.

One can never be too safe when it comes to theme park rides, particularly roller coasters and other thrill rides whether inside or outside.

4. Darien Lake

Now another enjoyable theme park is that of Darien Lake which is located in Corfu, New York, United States -- situated between Rochester and Buffalo. It features seven roller coaster rides, three water rides (of course Darien Lake also has a water park where one can find more water rides to enjoy), fourteen flat rides, tweleve kiddie rides and five upcharge attractions which are not included in the admission price.

Even at Darien Lake, as with all theme parks, one needs to be careful as there have been incidents in the past. Two individuals have lost their lives within the park, one to unknown causes and another to operator error. A third incident however while it did not cause the death of a 365 lb man, he was severely injured and sued the park and ride manufacturer for negligence, winning $3.95 million. One would think the park and ride manufacturers would do a better job of seeing to it that all rides are equally safe – instead of waiting for something to go wrong. But, accidents happen, even when one is in the safest place imaginable.

5. Universal Studios Florida

The home of the green slime from Nickelodeon as seen on many of its game shows, particularly from the past like Double Dare. As its name implies, its studios are found in Florida – Orlando, Florida to be more precise. It boasts of yet another fun theme park that kids and adults alike will enjoy.

Their one day admission ticket for just one park is $88.00 for adults and $82.00 for kids. Fans of Harry Potter, Spider-Man and Despicable Me should have fun with the attractions made around those franchises. Of course, this theme park has many other rides for fans of other stories to enjoy, a nostalgic adventure for the whole family, or group of friends to enjoy and reminisce later on.

Never forget however, that no matter what theme park one attends, that they need to be ever vigilante with their own safety and the safety of those they may be responsible for.


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