Well the spring season is almost here and that means warm weather! The outdoors is the place to be and a lot of activites you may have never thought of trying could just turn into the things you love! Heres some activites I would recommend for this upcoming spring/summer season!

1. Try gardening or landscaping- This is a great idea to try and start early and get a head start on. Planting some flowers or maybe some new shrubbery this spring could really accent your home and make it look even better! Possibly even try and maintain a vegetable garden. This will be a great experience for you to create something and have an edible product that could be cost effective and save you time going to the grocery store for produce that could be in your backyard! If you are looking to make your grass greener, try spreading some lime down to help with even growth and give your lawn the minerals it needs to grow healthy and even!

2. Try a new sport- I am a pretty active guy and this is definately something everyone should try and do! Sports could be a great stress reliever and also a very good time. It could bring your friends together and make your body active and healthy. Basketball is a great team sport that everyone could pick up on and public courts are easily found in areas. One sport that I tried last year, disc golfing, turned out to be a great passion of mine. This sport could be played by all ages and is very enjoyable! Tennis is also another great sport to get involved in as courts can be found easily and beginner racquets are pretty inexpensive.

3. Try a different style- Clothing is a great way to express ourselves and make a great difference in our image. Try buying from retailers you don't normally buy from or even try different materials and colors. This will add more variety to your wardrobe for the upcoming season and could keep you from the hassle of trying to find something to wear! 

4. Try running and exercising- Its about that time for swimming and shorts! Everyone wants those incredible abs and firm legs and running and other exercises could get you there! Running is a great way to work your core, abs, and burn fat all at the same time. It could be quite enjoyable to either run with yourself and some music or even run with some friends. You don't have to be a marathon runner, but any running could be enjoyable! Other exercising such as swimming, jump roping, lifting, walking, could be great too start at this time. One of my favorite exercise programs is P90x which will give you amazing results and since you will possibly have more time in the spring/summer, I recommend giving it a try! If you are looking for a guideline to P90x refer to my other blog- P90X Guide!

5. Plan a vacation- Everyone needs to get away from their home and the stress of everyday life, what better way to do that than a vacation! Go to the beach. The beach is a great and relaxing place. Yours kids will love it and memories could be made there. Visit an amusement park. There are plenty of amusement parks around and why not visit one! Rollercoasters, waterparks,and thrill rides, theres always something to do for the whole family. Go on a cruise. When I went on my cruise, it was the greatest week of my life! You don't even feel like you are on a boat and there is never a dull moment. Plenty of cruise ships offer deals for the family. Visit a relative. This could be a great way to catch up with those distant relatives and visit a new place. 

There is plenty of new activites to do with this new spring season upon us. Even if you have already tried some of my suggestions, try and find some new ones! There are plenty of things to do out there and you may have not discovered your favorite hobby or activity yet! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and have a good season!