If you are looking to find the most difficult level in Candy Crush Saga, look no further than level 147.  Here, people who have had success beating level after level can find themselves stuck for days or even weeks at a time before moving on.
The general concept of level 147 is quite clear: remove all of the jellies from the board.  However, of the 52 double jellies found on the level, 19 are covered by a triple frosting.  This means that each of these 19 pieces will have to be cleared 5 separate times before the jelly is completely gone.
On top of this, bombs will intermittently pop up on the board, forcing you to clear these within 10 moves.  Many people find that the bombs are the things that end their round well before they run out of moves.
With all of this said, what are some steps you can take to beat level 147?

147-3Take out the middle frosting pieces first

In this board, the quicker you open up the left and right side, the better.  You should attack the middle frosting pieces at all costs in the beginning as having the entire middle open will allow you to make more special candy combinations, which are key to this level.

Worry about the frosting, not jellies

Generally speaking, you should focus on taking out all of the frosting pieces before worrying about the jellies.  The frosting pieces are in the most difficult spots, and once you remove the triple frosting, there is STILL a double jelly to clear.  In other words, these are going to be the most difficult part of the board, and in Candy Crush, you need to focus on the difficult parts of the board to be successful.
Also, as you take out the frosting pieces, other combinations will just be happening naturally in the other parts of the board.  This means that a large quantity of jellies could be taken out without you even trying!

3 is better than 1

Although a little more difficult to control, there will be times where you have multiple options for a move.  While deciding whether to clear the green or yellow candies, ask yourself - how many frosting pieces will this move remove?  When in doubt, always go for the move that takes out 3 pieces opposed to 1.  Also, look for opportunities to set up moves that will take out 3 frosting pieces at once.
Again, you may not always have the luxury of choice, but this tip is especially important for the beginning when you're really trying to open to board and start creating special combinations.

Don't wait to take out the bombs

One of the trickier  aspects of the round, bombs appear from time to time and after a few moves almost immediately require attention.  It is in your best interest to get rid of the bombs whenever possible, as soon as possible.  Unlike other boards, you won't always have moves on one half of the board due to its unique setup.  Therefore, if you ignore a move to clear a bomb and the pieces rearrange so you don't have the move, you may never get it back again!
Also, a bomb almost always pops up with 10 moves left in the round, forcing you to clear it one last time if you want to win.
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Create a ton of special candies, and then be extra strategic with their use

This is one of those rounds that almost requires you to have special candy combination after special candy combination in order to win.  Your goal early on should be to create as many candy packets and striped candies as possible to get down to the bottom layer of frosting.  If you combine a striped candy with candy packet near the bottom, it could wipe out the bottom 3 rows of jellies / frosting.  That's clearing 27 items in one move!
If you are unable to create such a situation, you should focus on creating a horizontal striped candy and setting it off on the bottom row.  This will remove 9 items at once, and it's moves like this that you'll need to win.
As mentioned in other Candy Crush strategy articles, you need to be patient with your candy bomb and do whatever you can to combine it with a striped candy.  While doing this won't guarantee victory, I'd bet it increases chances by a high percentage (we would love to see if Candy Crush could keep statistics on things such as this).  However, if you go more than 5-7 moves without combining the candy bomb with a striped candy, you should probably just use it at that point.  In many cases, if you use the candy bomb with a regular candy, it will take out enough of that one color to open up other opportunities for special combinations - sometimes even another candy bomb!
Despite following all of this advice, please keep in mind that level 147 is widely considered the most difficult level to beat in Candy Crush.  While it's true that you could play the round perfectly and still lose, consider each life a lottery ticket, that if played correctly, give you a chance to win each and every time.  Your goal of playing this level should be to just get by it 1 time and never look back as the queue of your friends stuck on the level piles up.
Let us know how YOU did on level 147.  Did you end up getting by it?
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