Parenting while pregnant
Credit: Daniel Kulinski

Being pregnant alone is already a big challenge. It becomes even more challenging when you actually have another child to nurse and take care off. But don’t sweat! Many mothers who decide to have more than one kid have experienced parenting while pregnant and they have survived it, with flying colours. That being said, here are tips on how you can be a great parent even if you are growing another awesome human being inside you!

Tip # 1: Health is Wealth

I cannot reiterate how important this tip is. You need to make sure your health is in perfect shape otherwise, you will easily break down. If you are pregnant, your immune system is not as strong as when you were not. And when you are taking care of another child, it makes you more susceptible to sickness. Thus, you need to take your prenatal vitamins religiously and adhere to check up schedules if you do not want your body to breakdown.

Tip # 2: Pamper Yourself

You deserve a break every now and then. Do not let all the stress get to you. If you feel like you are really tired and exhausted then maybe it’s time for a visit to the salon or the spa. Just be sure to run it through your OB-Gyne so you can be sure that salon and spa chemicals and procedures are safe for your pregnancy. If you are prohibited to do so, then you can just go for a walk, go baby shopping or spend a quiet afternoon alone. It is amazing what alone time can do.  

Tip # 3: Get Some Help

If you can get help, then go ahead and do so. This is most needed when you are nearing your last weeks of gestation. You will need all the rest you can get so that you can prepare yourself for the big (and scary) day. Relax as much as you can because the third trimester can be pretty tough. It is the most dangerous times of a pregnancy where a lot of complications could occur.

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Tip # 4: Talk to Your Child

If your child already knows how to communicate properly, then tell him about what is going on with you right now. Remember that when talking to a child, the right choice of words is vital. Instead of saying you are pregnant, you can say something like “Mommy is growing your baby brother, a playmate, in her tummy right now. So it’s very important that mommy does not have a hard time. You can help by fixing your own toys.” Letting your child understand that you are vulnerable right now without scaring them will help you in the process.

Tip # 5: Enjoy It!

Everything is a lot easier when you enjoy it. All you need to do is to remind yourself that this is temporary and you won’t be pregnant so many times in your life. Cherish the moments while it lasts! With your hubby, your family and your other close friends by your side, you’ll get by just fine!