Follow these 5 tips and beat that cold you feel creeping up!

Who has time to get sick?

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When you feel that tickle at the back of your throat that is the window of opportunity when you have the best chance of combating the illness with these 5 steps and feeling better the very next morning.  If you are already sick the tips in this article will tell you how to get better faster.

1. Drink Carrot Juice - Plan to do this in the evening, with dinner or as dinner by itself.  Buy or borrow a basic juicer.  The basic ones are the easiest to clean and that is important to keep in mind.  Buy a big bag of carrots and make one to two cups of carrot juice.  You can add other things like apples, celery, ginger, etc...  The recipe combinations are endless, but for now stick to just carrots.  Note: If you are in day two or three of a full-blown illness, then you need to add garlic to the juice.  It will taste terrible, but you will notice an improvement in your health the very next morning.  Drink the carrot juice right away, do not let it sit around.  Just by drinking this carrot juice you will feel better in the morning.  Please keep in mind that no matter how good you feel the next day you will need to make carrot juice for at least three days in a row to really beat the illness in your body.


2. Use Saline Spray or Nettie Pot - You fill the pot up with warm water a the recommended amount of salt, most likely 1 teaspoon.  Stir the water and salt around so the salt dissolves.  Stand in front of a sink or in your shower.  Breathe through your mouth.  Tilt your head forward and turn to one side.  Insert the nozzle part of the pot into one nostril.  Let the salt water run through your nose and out the other nostril.  Remember to breathe through your mouth.  After a few seconds blow your nose.  Repeat on the other side.  You will have to equalize your sinuses.  Blow your nose again.  Yes, it is disgusting to talk about, but this technique really works is you have a cold coming on or are already sick. 

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3. Sleep - Your body needs time to rest and heal.  You could be doing everything on this list, but if you are not getting enough sleep your body will become worn down and you will become more susceptible to illness.

4. Take Extra Vitamin B Supplement - I take Rainbow Light vitamins because they are food-based which is easier for your body to break down and use.  It is the way we are supposed to getting our vitamins.  Use whatever brand works for your body.  Make sure to read how the vitamin B is broken down on the back of the label.  For the human body the percentages should not be 100% all the way down, the percentages should be different for kind of vitamin B listed.  Vitamin B helps the body when it is stressed.  If you are getting sick, then your body stressed.

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5. Colloidal Silver Spray - I know what you are thinking.  Colloidal silver spray sounds too new age, too far out there and I thought the same thing.  I read about it this summer and when I felt like I was about to get sick I followed everything above (Yes, I take my own advice.) and thought I might try something new.  I sprayed three good pumps of the colliodal silver spray into my mouth twice throughout the day, just before I went to sleep and when I woke up.  I think it helped.  You be the judge, give the colloidal silver spray a shot and let me know what you think of the product.

Additional tips: Change your toothbrush.  You don't want to keep giving yourself the same germs.  Use a tongue scraper to scrape the white stuff off your tongue.

Let me know what tips work for you!

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