The groom's speech is a different beast than the Best Man's speech. The best man is there to poke fun at the groom as well as celebrate him. The Groom is basically there to thank everyone involved, say that he loves his new bride, and lead into the best man's speech. The order of speeches should go with the father of the bride first (not required), then the groom's speech (pretty much required), and finally the best man's speech (definitely required). If you want other speeches involved they should probably go after those three.


So without further ado here are the top 5 tips for a Groom's Speech.

Thank Everyone Involved

The groom's speech is all about thanking people. You should start off your speech by thanking the father of the bride for his speech (if he gave one) and also for hosting the event. Then thank the major players in the wedding and reception, such as the minister, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, any special guests, etc. The list of people will vary with your exact wedding so feel free to add grandparents or someone who traveled a very long distance if you think it is appropriate. 

You do not want to offend anyone in this situation, so if you are extremely happy that one grandparent showed up because they had been extremely sick or something just say you are happy that all of the grandparents could be there. The goal here is to make everyone happy and then move on.


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Tell A Humorous Story

Before you get to the sappy part of your speech you will need to keep the mood light with a funny story about you and your bride. Maybe it is part of how you met or when you first knew you loved her. The specific content of the story does not really matter, the point is that it contains you, your bride, and demonstrates that you are meant for each other.

It doesn't have to be extremely funny, weddings are such emotional events that half of the guests will laugh at a pure statement of fact and the other half will start sobbing.

Celebrate Your Bride

Now is the sappy part of your speech. This is the most important part. You should turn to your wife and tell her how much you love her and what she means to you. This will automatically get tears from three quarters of the women present at the wedding. Again, this doesn't have to be very long and involved. But a few sentences that demonstrate your love and maybe reference your story that you just told will be golden.

Lead Into Best Man's Speech

The groom's speech is the lead into the best man's speech. You could just hand over the microphone, but that is boring. Instead you should say very quickly how you know your best man (brother, best friend at school, etc.) Then you should tell the audience that everything the best man is about to say is probably not true. That you will deny any of their stories, even if there is photographic evidence. Then you can hand the microphone over to them and prepare for your roasting.

Now you know how to give a rocking groom's speech. Make sure to write it out, practice it a bunch of times in front of the mirror. Record yourself once or twice to see what you sound like. Remember, you already kissed your wife in front of a large audience so it really shouldn't be such a nerve racking thing to give a quick speech in front of everyone. Good luck!