Many of us have oily skin (I being one), and it's hard to know what we should do about it. Should we wash it? Should we exfoliate and moisturize? Is it a good thing as often you look younger for longer, or a bad thing due to the bad acne that often accompanies it? Here are the my top 5 tips for managing oily skin.

1: Don't Overwash
It's so tempting to wash your face whenever you notice that your skin has some oil on it, perhaps doing it 3 or 4 times a day, then applying generous quantities of tone. The problem is that this strips the skin of its natural oils and turns your skin's oil production into overdrive, as it works to counter the frequent washing. So it's a cycle that you need to avoid. Be disciplined. Choose a gentle cleanser, and wash 1 or 2 times at the most. You'll find it's only a matter of time before you find a method that works for you for how to get rid of blackheads at home.

2: Use an Oily Cleanser
This sounds counter intuitive, and it is. Against all your better judgement, if you use an oil-based cleanser, The oil will have a natural affinity with your skin, and be more easily absorbed into the pores. Often this actually helps to release trapped sebum (which causes acne)

3: Use a Vitamin A based moisturizer
Using a Moisturizer which uses Vitamin A as a base will help balance sebum secretion also.

4: Use a Clay Mask
Many people will only use them when they remember, but this is fairly pointless. Best to use them once or twice a week as part of your skin regime.

Face Masks work best when used regularly

5: Take Precautions
There are products out there which can help you if you find that you have a serious oil slick going on around lunchtime. If you apply Murad Oil Control Mattifier under your makeup, you can reduce the excess surface oil by up to 78% for the rest of the day (or so the product claims).

There are other things that you should be doing if you have decided to take dealing with oily skin seriously. A healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep, as well as lowering stress levels can be key to fighting acne and minimising oily skin on your face. If you find that more serious treatment is required, you might want to try an anti acne product such as Acnezine Anti Acne Treatment.