I, of course, meditate for two hours every morning. It's part of my schedule; I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and I love it.

—Deepak Chopra, a famous writer

Writing a schedule is easy but following it is completely different story. The most important thing in following a schedule is that you say 'NO' to distractions. Specially things like email, social media and text-messages. Following a schedule can be restrictive but it can definitely enhance your life.

1. Review the dates and start time of each workday or work time.

2. Find the moto to do the work

Motivation is the most important key to help to commit to a schedule. Acknowledge why the stuff you are doing is important and how it has helped you in the past or it will help you in the future. If you don't find any will, use music to your advantage. Listen to Rock songs and not sad songs because songs can make you dull. I listen to rock when ever I clean my house.

3. Turn off notifications on your mobile phone

Avoid distraction! Better switch off your phone or turn off its notifications. Notifications are very annoying. Specially when you are trying to complete a task.

4. Use a to-do list like CARROT

CARROT is a fun app with an aim of making your to-do list like a game. As you complete each task, CARROT rewards you with points and as you get to higher levels you can unlock many more feature that the app has to offer.

5. Reward yourself at the end of the day

At the end of the day, reward yourself with stuff that you love the most. Things like pastures or noodles are good rewards. But do not reward yourself after each task you complete; otherwise you will definitely lose your motivation and not continue further.

So what do you think about completing schedules? Do you have more tips?

For them who could not complete theirs schedule on time...

Don't worry if you don't complete everything on the schedule. At least you will have completed the most important projects before getting to the less important ones.

-Ivy Lee (1877-1934)

BONUS - How to get things done without committing to schedules?

Many times I find it hard to stick to a schedule. That is why I followed a technique for getting things done faster without me trying to complete the schedule. It's simple, limit what tasks you add on your to-do list

Do you have any story about schedules? Leave them in the comments section below. I'll be very happy to listen from you